Latest Techniques To Optimize Your Blog For Google

Latest Techniques To Optimize Your Blog For Google

Are you looking for ways that can increase your traffic in your blog? People might be interested in your work, but you have to help them find you. That’s why you need to stay updated with the latest techniques of SEO and optimize your blog for visibility.

If you are not a pro in this, hire an SEO expert who will be more than happy to fix what’s needed, as they optimize your blog for higher Google ranking. Let’s learn some of the expert’s new techniques below:

Audit Your Website

First things first, an audit is a technique that you need to utilize so you can attract more visitors to your site. It is the only way that helps you to figure out why you are receiving less traffic. Otherwise, you will never solve a problem without finding out the root course of it. Did you know that 75% of users don’t go beyond the first page?

Take time and examine your site’s performance, paying attention to every detail. Then diagnose it based on the results you get. Make a quick decision and fix the problem, if any, or you go for affordable SEO services readily available in the market. The service guys will check your site, then advise you what you need to do by using the content you already have or otherwise. Soon, you will be able to see traffic flowing your way.

Find Out What Your Users Need.

Google collects data from users and by using some of its advanced tools to build a robust search engine. That’s why it’s crucial to know what your users need so that you can entice them. Have their opinion because it matters a lot. But wait a minute, how do you find this if you are starting? Here’s how;

1. Quora, helps you to know what your target audience is discussing out there. People raise the question and talk about all sorts of topics. In the process, you find an expert answering them.

2. Google Analytics; by using this, you can find your most popular pages.

3. Blog post comment; Although you will find haters, read the comments anyway, some might be helpful.

4. Social Share; are people sharing your content in social media? A tool that can help you check that is BuzzSumo.

5. Landing pages: The benefits of landing pages are insurmountable. The main one is to increase sales and lead generation. Without a lot of navigation, you attract visitors on the first page with informative content.

Most of them are likely to convert instantly with a call to action. To find out if optimized landing pages have any SEO value, you will use and enter your page URL, and it will give you those results.

Should You Keep Your Old Blog Content?

Well, when you have old content in your blog, it doesn’t mean that they are not valid. If the articles were relevant, you only need to update them and have them looking new again. They can help you to draw more traffic. Someone might require them. Some old articles related to tech might need a regular update, as it keeps evolving. Keep updating your blog for a better Google score.

Tip: Changing the headline of an old article to a newer trend may seem like brand-new and exciting content.

Use RankBrain In Your Content.

google rank brain

We all understand the impact of mediocre content. That’s why you have to ensure your article is captivating your readers. Of course, you have to start with a striking headline. The latest algorithm that Google uses to check on that is called RankBrain. It is a technique that works like a human as it tries to understand queries raised on a website, then it breaks the questions in a word vector as it selects the relevant one.

If you want to see betterment in your search ranks, the solution is to optimize your blog content for RankBrain SEO. It is necessary to keep your keyword tail at medium, as you focus on satisfying your user end. If you have funds, you can find affordable SEO services for more effect related to this tech. Please note that your user experience plays a significant role in success with this technique.

Optimize For Voice Search

This voice search technique helps you to multitask, which makes our life more comfortable. A report done by Gartner shows that 30% of searches in 2020 will be through voice search. Most people have already switched to this. Tailor your content for speech and stay on top of your game. If you shop online, you can use Amazon Echo to search what you need without scrolling your screen. The same applies to Google home, which is what most people use.

As most of the voice search comes from the mobile, it is paramount to make your site mobile-friendly. Research shows that 70% of users engage in Google Assistant conversational queries. There is a use of a longer keyword in this technique. As most queries come with the open-ended format, you need to focus your content in a way to answer these questions. Optimize your site’s content to handle conversational keywords. 

Killer Headline


It is what entices your visitors to click on your article. You may have an exciting story, but without a good title, users may never open it. First, you need to try different headlines before you settle for the right one. A key thing to ensure is an SEO friendly application. Pay more attention to give it a more relevant keyword.

It enables you to appear in search engines and other social media. It creates better visibility for your blog, helping you with good Google scores. A great tool to assist you in writing fantastic topics is the headline analyzer by CoSchedule.

Proper Keyword Research

A relevant keyword is essential just before you finish your blog post. If you seriously look into it, you will find it easy to understand what users are looking for when searching.

At this point, you can quickly modify a content already made or create new according to their needs. SEO tools to help you find better keywords include KWfinder and Google Keyword Planner. Enter the keyword you are targeting, and the device will fetch a combination of relevant keywords for you.

In conclusion

Adopting new techs to improve your blog lets you stay on top of others. It also attracts traffic, gives better conversions that increase your sales. You also increase visibility to those entering keywords related to your product or services you might be offering. Now you have all the reasons to hire an SEO expert.

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