The Metaverse Will Be Key For Brands To Reach A Younger Audience

The Metaverse Will Be Key For Brands To Reach A Younger Audience

Generation Z Metaverse

The arrival of the Metaverse represents a new window for brands and a space to interact with consumers. Still, not only that, it is an opportunity to reach a young target that is very present in the virtual world, and that would be difficult to access by other pathways. It is a growing ecosystem, although the number of users is still small.

Currently, the majority of users come from the gamer world, so it is considered that the Metaverse will be the space where Generation Z will interact. The Metaverse has infinite possibilities for brands, among other things, because it makes it possible to create inconceivable worlds and, thanks to the variety of options it offers, they can find the way that best suits their values ​​to relate to consumers, especially among the youngest.

In fact, it is expected that in the next five years, 70% of the big brands will be present in the Metaverse and that little by little, all the sectors will find their spaces and identities within the virtual world. Music and retail have been the first sectors to include this new universe in their strategies, launching pilot projects to generate real experiences in the virtual environment. But there is no doubt that practically all sectors will end up having a presence. Thus, companies will have to know how these virtual worlds are developing in order to know when is the most appropriate time to enter this revolution in which we will all be immersed very soon.

Therefore, what must be taken into account when including the Metaverse environment in the marketing strategy to reach the younger target? The Valley experts indicate that, although not all the possibilities are known, it must be taken into account that:

  • Metaverse, the meeting place with Generation Z: The marketing methods known up to now fail to attract the attention of the youngest, who are looking for more complete virtual experiences and who are digital natives, so for them, the use of the latest technologies to relate is normal. Thus, young people will show interest in a brand that seeks to get closer to them through the means they know and use daily to interact. In addition, being present in the Metaverse allows for modern and innovative media visibility as a brand that is committed to adopting new technologies.
  • Metaverse is an essential dual-channel strategy when we talk about young people. It’s a parallel reality where users have their avatars, and those avatars replicate their actions. In other words, campaigns carried out in the physical world can be replicated in the virtual world. For example, young people are the target that buys the most online, and thanks to the Metaverse; they can have experiences in the virtual world that are complementary to the physical world, such as being able to go shopping, choose and try on the products and then have these come home. Or for example, Generation Z sees it as natural to live exclusively virtual experiences such as attending events or concerts online that are being held physically anywhere in the world.
  • Metaverse key in the KPIs strategy and in the new trends. As for the objectives that brands must set, virtual interaction gains weight; Until now, the brands have set some KPIs among which a lot of importance was given to reaching the more people, the better; however, with the arrival of the Metaverse, much more importance is given to interaction than to visualizations and to offering content that implies interactive experiences. In the case of young people, the gamification of some processes will be very important for brands to reach young audiences, who are already used to having digital experiences and need new ideas that surprise them to attract their attention.

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