Successful Online Businesses In 2021- Businesses With A Future And Little Investment

Successful Online Businesses In 2021- Businesses With A Future And Little Investment

More and more people are posting on the internet businesses. For example, the eCommerce sector alone had a turnover of more than 3.55 billion last year.

However, although self-employment ideas are especially popular in relation to online sales, there are many other business opportunities with a future to undertake.

Here we come with the list of 30 online businesses for you that will work in 2021. What is the business of the future that you are going to want to start? Let’s find out! 

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Businesses with A Future And Little Investment With More Demand

Foreign Language Teacher

Everyone knows that the easiest way to learn a new language is to speak it in your own language. If you are happy that you were born in a Spanish-speaking country, you will never miss the opportunity to benefit from this ongoing business.

You can use online communication tools like Skype or Google Hangouts to connect with students and take advantage of your knowledge. 

It does not matter if you want to earn extra money per month or are looking to make this activity your full-time job. It is one of the most flexible online businesses , so adapt it to your needs.  

Business Consultant

Running a business consulting firm is a great option for those who have already been involved in the process of launching a business. 

Whether you have experience working in various start-ups or have learned the secrets of business management within the company, you can help other entrepreneurs achieve great results, from planning and forecasting your business to helping them connect. with banks and institutions, going through analyzing the business idea of your clients.

Do what you do best and succeed with this idea of ​​self-employment.


More and more companies hire third-party services to manage the commercial and sales sector, so if you have communication and persuasion skills, this business with a future is perfect for you. 

You can take care of making calls, collecting data, interviewing new clients… The potential is enormous .

How To Do A Good Business With Little Money?

To do a good business with little money or investment, it is best to bet on telecommuting. This way you will save the costs derived from renting an office, registering electricity, water, gas, etc.
In addition, we recommend that at the beginning you choose to apply to a company before starting to undertake on your own. Language teachers, business consultants, telemarketers. The ideas just mentioned are a great way to get a good deal with little money or investment.

Tester of web pages, apps and other services

Online business of the future … in the present. 

Businesses spend a large part of their budget paying people to test their updates. Some websites that offer this service are BugFinders and  CrowdSourceTesting.

The best part is that you can earn money from home simply by browsing websites and apps. Easy right?

What Business Can Be Done Online?

These are some of the easy internet businesses to start in 2021. 

Online Researcher

Although it seems too good an idea to be true, some people are successful because of their skills in finding information online. 

From IT Research to Initial Market Research – These Successful Entrepreneurs just starting out, these successful entrepreneurs know they can put a price on knowledge and make it one of the best successful online businesses.

Writer Of CVs Or Resumes

Building a good CV is a daunting task for many people. So if you know the words well and know how to bring out the best qualities in people, writing CVs could be one of the excellent internet business opportunities for you. 

Also, if the design is your thing, you can sell perfect CV templates to help those looking for work to obtain better results. 


Everyone knows the best motivational speeches ever. But what many don’t know is that some of them were written by other people. 

If you have good writing skills, take the opportunity to join these  businesses with a future and little investment. You can craft speeches that make birthdays, weddings, graduations, or political debates a more memorable experience.

Become A Shopper… Mystery

Business of the future in the XXI century. 

It seems incredible that you can earn money trying products for free, but customer service and shopping experience are some of the aspects that most concern companies today. 

So becoming a mystery shopper (or mystery shopper, as it is known in English) can be one of the best online businesses to succeed in 2021.

You know, although they may seem like companies of the future, they are companies in the present that want to offer the best to the customer. And you can help them.

Try these self-employment ideas and let us know in the comments if they work for you.

Best Online Businesses That Work

Financial Advisor

Choose your specialty (web accounting for SMEs , personal finance, financial reporting, etc.) and establish a good online presence by creating and promoting your website. 

Most merchants and small businesses seek professional help with their accounts, so this is a huge area of business with a future to undertake

Community Manager

The 73% of companies believe that social networks are useful for your business.

However, publishing quality content is time consuming and keeping up with updates and news is a hassle. 

Therefore, many employers are willing to outsource this task. Without a doubt, one of the best online businesses that work for the lucky millennials.

Yes indeed. there is a lot of competition in the market, so be sure to make interesting proposals. You can try offering a full service, something like a Social Media Kit for startups , which can include anything from social media charts to analytical reports, and make sure you provide excellent service so that word of mouth helps you reach more customers.

Cooking Classes

If you wonder what the business of the future is, it may surprise you that we recommend becoming a chef, but the truth is that it is one of the online businesses of 2021 with the most future.

If cooking is one of your passions, there are dozens of opportunities to turn your passion into a commercial business. 

You can start by setting up a restaurant website, experimenting with emerging food stalls like food trucks and local food markets, or if you prefer just online businesses and aren’t camera-shy, you can teach selling online courses or posting videos on YouTube. In addition to being one of the most stable niches throughout the year, when situations such as the coronavirus  crisis occur. interest in cooking increases even more. So it is a good idea to start this online business as soon as possible.

Investment Advisor

Many middle-class people would like to build a strong investment portfolio to ensure a financially stable future, but they simply have no idea where to start.

If you have direct information such as fundraising or making big money for yourself, this is a good online business for you to provide fundraising information to agents.

Successful Online Businesses

Coach Or Mentor

Nobody is born learned. From not knowing how to ask for a raise to how to make your family listen to you … Humans sometimes have trouble getting things that many other people find a piece of cake. 

If you enjoy helping other people, becoming a mentor or coach may be the internet business with a future that you are looking for. Offer your valuable advice on those topics that you control best and start making money (fast and easy , only if you try your best and really like what you do)


The healthy eating craze is here to stay. 

Yet, with so much conflicting advice online about what’s good for us and what’s not, more and more people are turning to professional nutritionists for expert advice and guidance. 

You can easily find free online courses to learn the fundamentals of this profession and start offering personalized nutrition plans as part of your online business.

Yoga Instructor

If you are looking for online businesses that work within the world of fitness and physical and mental health, this is your company of the future and of your present. 

Selling yoga classes online can become a great source of passive income . There are hundreds of sites that offer these services, so be sure to research the web for the ones that best suit your needs.

Dating Coach

Business of the future… in 2021. That’s right. The future is now.

Thousands of people around the world search for love online and, unfortunately, many fail in the search.

As a dating coach, you will be responsible for helping your clients organize and prepare for the perfect date, hone their flirting skills, and advise on dos and don’ts in their love life.

Sound Good?

Successful Online Businesses: Companies Of The Future In The Present

3D Printed Products

One of the greatest technological advancements of this era, 3D printing, is dictating a new strategy in the world of e-commerce and online business. Some of the best-selling 3D printed products are jewelry, home accessories, bike parts, tech accessories, and more. 

For some amazing examples, check out Wonderluk3DigitalCooks, and  DanitPeleg. Without a doubt, one of the best businesses with a future this 2021.

Mystery Item Shop

If you have an eye for quirky things, perhaps opening a mystery shop could help you combine your interest in finding curious things with a steady source of income. 

TheSomethingStore and Muddy Creatures are harnessing the exploratory instinct with the concept of a surprise purchase. There is no exact science or skill that fuels this online business: unleash your imagination and bet on innovative and creative products

SEO Expert

Hands down one of the hottest forward-thinking businesses in the world online right now. A gold mine for tech-savvy. 

While everyone knows the importance of SEO optimization , not many people have the knowledge to deal with it. 

If you decide to enter this field, you can think about offering link building , content creation, SEO optimization for dropshipping and much more.

Sale Of Online Courses

We have mentioned it in other sections, but online courses deserve their own section. In 2021, online courses have become one of the most successful online businesses with which to make good money.

It would help if you had a passion, seek an original and attractive approach and work hard on promotion and marketing.

Business Opportunities With A Future To Undertake

The advantages of being your boss seem so great that many are willing to quit their stable jobs to start entrepreneurship

Handmade Goods Store

Craftsmanship is a great value today, so opening an online store of handmade items can be a great business opportunity to undertake. 

So if you like crafts and DIY, do not hesitate and learn how to create a website to sell.


On the contrary, if you are not a handyman, you can market a third party’s products with dropshipping, a prevalent online business model, and a great future in 2021. 

To summarize, dropshipping is the easiest option to start an e-commerce business without having to buy products in advance. If you did not know it, do not hesitate to continue investigating because it may be a good online business for you.

T-shirt Online Store

Platforms like Printful and Shopify have made it incredibly easy to start selling t-shirts online

All you need is a little imagination and an eye for design.

  1. Ecological brand: Natural and organic beauty store, ethical fashion, etc. 

Online shoppers are increasingly aware of the environment. Therefore, although the fashion and beauty sectors have great competition, you can bet on this type of online business to attract all those consumers who want to reduce their ecological footprint. 

Brands such as Pachacuti , People Tree , Sea Salt and Matt & Nat have successfully developed their brands around the concept of organic and ethical production of fashion items and are now at the forefront of the list of the strongest brands.

Self-Employment Ideas: Online Businesses In 2021

Publication Of Books

If you want to bet on your more creative side, try self-publishing. Using tools like direct Amazon publishing , they allow you to make your books come true without investment. 

You can opt for novels and fiction books or thinking about businesses with a future… bet on self-help or business books. They are succeeding this year!

Personal Trainer

Kayla Itsines is probably one of the best success stories in this online business.

She has built an entire empire: Kayla Fitness where she writes personal training plans, sells apps, fitness books, and much more.

You can boost your career by offering free online classes and personal advice on your website, and take advantage of social media like Instagram and Facebook to promote your services.

Best of all, the Spanish market is not as saturated as the English market, so you will have a better chance of achieving a successful online business.

Sale Of Photos

The number of websites and blogs that operate online require a constant stream of high-quality photos that can help businesses attract and convert more customers. 

Developing a photo library is a great business opportunity with a future, as it addresses almost all industries, regardless of the size of the company. 

So if you’re good at photography and you’ve already chosen your best photo editing apps , you can check out sites like SmugMugPhotoshelter, and iStockPhoto to learn more.

Music Teacher

Can you play a musical instrument? 

Congratulations. Surely there is someone who is looking for a musician willing to teach online. 

You can start a profitable business based on online classes. 

Explore GuitarTricks and JustinGuitar for inspiration.

What Is The Business Of The Future?

The business of the future is the one you start today. 

As the best motivational phrases say, the future is now . So, whatever online business you want to start, don’t wait any longer and go on an adventure. Don’t let the excuses, fears and uncertainty stop you. Only with effort and time will you be able to achieve success. 

Cheer up!

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