Putlockers 2021 | 12 Best Putlocker Alternative Sites To Stream Movies Free

Putlockers 2021 | 12 Best Putlocker Alternative Sites To Stream Movies Free

Putlockers is one of the best online free streaming sites to watch movies, tv shows. putlocker9, putlocker today, putlocker123, putlocker io, putlocker.to, putlockers ac these are some names that users search for finding this great tool. In This article we will find out the brief history of putlocker and the best free alternative websites for putlockers in 2021

History Of Putlockers

Putlocker holds the references to several websites. These websites are with online file hosting indexes that broadcast films and television series and other free entertainment media. The original website was born in the UK in 2011 and has seen millions of visitors every day since Megaupload closed. 

In May 2016 the UK website was blocked by a High Court ruling. At the end of 2016, Alexa Internet Putlockers had a temporary closure, and by that time, it was one of the 250 most visited websites. Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) reported Putlocker as a significant piracy threat. 

Putlocker‘s domain address has changed several times in the past, with a number of URLs named Putlocker suspended or entered. It is a mystery whether an official Putlocker site operated by one original team, which is still available online. Yet, at least fifty proxy sites/mirror sites, use the Putlockers name, have identified. 

Putlockers Release Date and Popularity

Putlocker is originally from Great Britain at the URL putlocker.com. At the beginning of January 2012, the website had around 800,000 visitors a day. 

However, after closing this popular website due to copyright infringement, around 1.6 million people visited the Putlockers website in a day. Adrian Petroff, operations manager onsite, found the shutdown of Megaupload worrying and said, “Who needs SOPA if a study manager can create a wish list/visit list and close the locations” “?

In March 2012, Alfred Perry, vice president of global content protection for Paramount Pictures, identified Putlocker as one of the “Top 5 Cyber Block Theft Services. The website URL has been replaced by putlocker.bz, an address that was seized by the British Intellectual Property Police Unit in June 2014 and then replaced by putlocker.is, an estate in Iceland.

Is It Safe And Legal To Use Putlocker?

An important fact is that some of the movie websites that offer to stream are banned. This is the main reason why Putlockers websites have been removed.

However, if you choose to use such websites, here are some sure ways to think about them. The virtual provider network known as VPN offers a secure atmosphere for online transmission. It works by creating a subway connection that connects it privately to the public site.

People who do not have access to this tunnel cannot view or control their events online, including the service provider.

In general, a virtual provider’s network connection is critical for a secure browser environment and allows streaming movies online without being known.

Many of these websites show the usual notifications and pop-up warnings that can infect your computer. Avoid clicking on these unwanted or unrelated items.

Best VPNs To Use For Putlockers


Express Vpn

Vypr Vpn

Pure Vpn

Hotspot Shield

Cyber Ghost Vpn

IP Vanish Vpn

What Advantages You Have If Use A VPN

  • Disable malware, malicious ads, and potential malware vendors that may affect your device.
  • A VPN allows you to access geographically restricted content (e.g. ISP, government, websites that are restricted in the workplace) by masking your old IP address and giving you a new IP address.
  • One of the best features of a VPN is the security of your confidential data. This avoids data leakage.
  • It will hides your IP addressyour location and activity on the web

  • It will helps to avoid facing legal action and provides many security features.

How To Choose A Right VPN For Putlocker

Choosing the right VPN for Putlockers can be a difficult task. Access to Putlocker is a bit risky. Authorities and copyright holders are trying to ban the use of this free streaming service. It is strongly recommended not to use an EE-based VPN. UU. Laws in these countries can be used to track and process your IP. Address accessing Putlockers

What Kind Of Movies Can I Watch On Putlocker Sites?

Putlocker sites provide a huge database of movies and Tv shows and the streaming content provided by them is endless. You can stream all kinds of movies with different genres. From horror to romance, classics, and new releases, you will find several film genres on these amazing websites. You can search for your favorite movies using various search criteria based on the latest release, the most viewed movies, the most recently added movies and the year of release, and the name of the movie.

Are These Putlocker Alternatives Safe?

We tested each of the free streaming sites on this list to make sure they are safe now. But that doesn’t mean they are always safe. Bad streaming sites are not the best thing. 

In the worst-case scenario, they are especially dangerous and may affect your device with harmful viruses or invasive spyware to expose your private confidential data. The only way to protect yourself is to connect to a secure VPN service before visiting a free streaming site.

Top 12 Putlockers Alternative Sites To Stream Movies Free In 2021 [ Updated List ]



Soap2day is a famous online Movies & TV series watching site like Putlocker. It has more than thousands of series and movies sources, and it updates the aired TV show series very quickly. On tv Soap2day, you can collect your favourite TV episodes in ‘My list’, helping you to find the latest ones as soon as possible.

The page of Soap2day is designed in a charming and brief style. On the other hand, this site doesn’t need registration, which is also an advantage of Soap2day.


meghashree movie

Megashare is one of the most convenient streaming services on the market today. Enjoy a large customer base with its easy-to-use interface and have an extensive library. Depending on your internet speed, you can also watch movies of different qualities. Another important feature of this fantastic website is the inclusion of subtitles.

Are you confused about how it works? Do not worry; That sure works well. It also works great on your smartphones.

123 Movies


In recent times the market is flooded with many streaming alternatives like Putlockers, but there are few sites that are considered safe and legitimate. 123 Movies focuses on entertainment and a very minimum amount of ads compared to many other streaming services.

You might have the question back of your head thinking that to use 123 movies is safe? Or is the registration required to access the content? 

The answer to all these questions is probably Yes.

123 Movies has a user-friendly interface. The sorting and filtering tools provided by 123 movies are up to the mark. That’s what you expect from a good movie streaming site. 123 Movies is known for offering a long list of movies and TV series.

It also includes well-classified sections that make it easier to find new content. You can limit your search based on several criteria, including the recently added year of publication. The most viewed and the name.

Depending on your movie history, movies and shows that are right for you are also recommended. All in all, 123 movies are one of the best and most unique alternatives for putlockers sites.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time

Popcorn Time is as popular as other streaming websites known as Netflix and Prime Video. You can get a large collection of TV shows and movies on this streaming site.

You can also use it to download your favorite movies and TV series to watch later. It has an easy to use interface and a navigation mechanism.

You can easily access the correctly classified sections to search for options such as recently added and upcoming movies, etc. You can also watch your favorite series in the application.



Popcornflix is one of the best and most unique alternatives to putlocker streaming site. This streaming site mainly contains a library of old and classic movies. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the latest films. To access the content the registration or creation of the account is not required, so you can access popcornflix very quickly.

Popcornflix is very much a user-friendly platform to stream movies or tv series as it works great on smartphones and laptops and it works decent and compatible with iOS and Android platforms.



Fmovies is another best and famous alternative for the putlockers. Its modern design and user-friendly interface set them as one of the best options as compared to many other competitors. 

Fmovies makes browsing very easy for the users as they can easily browse all sets of different genres and different categories while searching for your favorite tv shows or blockbuster movies. In some places, Isp will block the Fmovies. Using the Vpn solves this issue as you can enjoy the quality and latest videos provided by Fmovies.  As the Fmovies are free, there will be a small adds interruption before playing the movies.



Similar to many other online streaming websites, this GoMovies works decent and has a lot to offer as compared to many other streaming services. Like any Putlocker site, it contains an extensive database of movies and thousands of TV shows that are updated very often. 

As there are many advantages, this site offers. In addition to all the benefits this GoMovies provides, it has some cons as well, as they are in the form of several ads that appear when you visit the website.



The highlight of Moviewatcher is its robust library with a well-organized playlist. You can sort your search by film type, popularity, release year, and genre. 

The main page is organized correctly together with the search menu, which enables effortless navigation. It also offers an entirely different area for the latest films, the most viewed films, and films that are still in the cinema. The site is fully compatible with desktops and smartphones.


Solar Movie

SolarMovie is one of the foremost alternatives to putlocker sites. Solar

Movies have a vast collection of movies and Tv shows as its database is growing day by day. It has a user-friendly interface with simple operation and displays excellent performance.

After the registration process, users can create favorite movie lists and can enjoy several features offered by this great alternative. SolarMovie works on both computer systems and smartphones.



Although the Rainierland is much interrupted by ads, without a doubt, it is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker9 sites. The trending movies and latest releases are on the right side on the homepage. You can watch the latest and popular series as it also provides the latest movie trailers. 

One of the disadvantages of this fantastic alternative is that it is not ad-free.

Los Movies

LOS Movie

While the website is available in English, it offers a variety of subtitle options in different languages. From Swedish and Albanian to Croatian, subtitles are available in different styles. Almost all programs are in HD, and the latest and most viewed are available on the main page of the site.

If an adblocker is active on your system, you may be blocking the built-in video player from The Movies. Apart from this particular point, the website works quite well.

Yes Movies

Yes Movies

Yes Movies are another excellent alternative to Putlocker9 to watch free movies online. With over 9,000 free HD movies, TV series, and documentaries, Yes Movies is the best place to meet your entertainment needs.

The website’s home page has an attractive design interface, which is divided into different areas, such as gender, country, movies, television series, and high rated IMDb.



When you are searching, and alternative for putlocker. CMovies is the perfect place to find the latest movie releases and favorite Tv shows.

On this website, you will find the latest movies and episodes of popular television shows to the full extent in one place that you can effortlessly search online. The site contains a huge database of videos from various different genres, including action, romance, mystery, terror, comedy, biography, fantasy, and more.

Some Other Putlockers Alternative Websites



Watch Online Series


Movies Joy






If you’re a movie expert and you’re happy with nothing but the best, a good movie streaming website is a must for you. At the moment, there are no Putlocker9 websites; it is vibrant to find a suitable alternative that is not only legal but also provides free streaming services like TV shows and movies. 

Here, in this article, we have listed some of the best alternatives to putlocker sites. So, if one fails, you still have the option to trust another choice. An important note you have to keep in mind is that, regardless of the website you are using, make sure you protect your identity and security with a VPN connection.

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