The Best Siri Shortcuts For WhatsApp

The Best Siri Shortcuts For WhatsApp

The shortcuts in iOS and iPadOS provide users of iPhone and iPad the ability to automate processes and actions across multiple applications and configuration items of the operating system. So you can use a voice command from Siri, and the system is responsible for executing the activities automatically.

Today we are going to take a look at some shortcuts related to the WhatsApp application that will allow you to abbreviate some processes that can be somewhat repetitive.

Without further delay, we begin. This is the shortcut list for iOS WhatsApp.

Shortcuts For WhatsApp

Click on the link of the name of each shortcut to download it to your iPhone. If you have any problem adding an alternative, see our tutorial on how to install “unreliable” third-party shortcuts on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

WhatsApp No Save: Send a message via WhatsApp without saving the phone number in Contacts.

Share WhatsApp: Share your WhatsApp with other users via QR code; this code will take users to chat with you.

Whatsapp Msg Repeater: A shortcut with which you can send the same text up to 50 times in a row automatically.

Dictate to WhatsApp: Enable voice dictation to use Siri to send a message.

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