Jabra Engage 75 – Perfect Wireless Headset For Mac, iPhone & Fritzbox

Jabra Engage 75 – Perfect Wireless Headset For Mac, iPhone & Fritzbox

The phone call with a customer brought me to it: I should finally switch to a wireless headset that gives me the freedom to write notes on a Mac parallel to the conversation using the halfway 10-finger system.

And so, I started looking for an affordable wireless headset that reasonably meets my requirements. During my research, I came across the stereo headphone micro-set from MPOW, which seemed more than cheap for 22 euros. And indeed, for this small amount of money, the MPOW headset is okay, especially since it can be connected both directly to the Fritzfon via a 3.5mm jack and via a Mac via USB.

However, there is one major catch: it is not particularly comfortable (since it is not wireless), and the wearing comfort is only moderate. So my search continued.

LinkedIn Brought Me The Jabra Marketing Contact “Free Home.”

So coincidence helped me a little in my search for a better, more comfortable, and wireless headset for telephony. Because on LinkedIn, I met a marketing manager from Jabra. And because I’m a blogger with my blog, I wrote it down and asked about the possibility of a permanent loan – for a detailed blog post, of course. After all, the Jabra headsets are among the best in their trade and are therefore not cheap.

And so now the Jabra Engage 75 Stereo is on my desk, with which I can now make calls wirelessly and very comfortably – and even listen to music. Although still not the perfect headset for my purposes. But more on that in a moment.

Jabra Engage 75 Is Beyond Any Doubt When It Comes To Sound And Comfort

If I don’t have to say a word about one thing, it’s the sound quality and support of the Engage 75 Stereo. So I also call the Bluetooth earplugs with a built-in heart rate monitor called Jabra Elite Sport my own, and this earphone set also has a phenomenal sound. This point, therefore, goes very clearly to the Jabra Engage 75 Stereo.

Where It Says Wireless, There Is Unfortunately Not Always Direct DECT In It

My main criterion when choosing the right headset is the ability to connect the wireless headset micro-set directly to my Fritzbox, i.e., as a kind of DECT-based telephony device, such as is the case with my Fritzfon C5. And when I asked whether this was possible with the Jabra Engage 75, I was informed that this was also confirmed. Well, unfortunately, that turned out to be a mistake.

Because none of the Jabra headsets masters this feature (more) according to Jabra Pre-Support, and so I was able to come up with an emergency solution – which I then came across. It is called: Softphone telephony.

The trick here: My Mac serves as a telephone system, with which I can make calls very comfortably and in the best sound quality. All that was needed was a small app, which in my case is called X-Lite and costs exactly 0 euros. Although it does not offer the full range of functions and comes with advertisements, it is quite sufficient for my purposes.

The Jabra Engage 75 Is Capable Of DECT, But Only In Combination With A Desk Phone

The Engage 75 can be used in conjunction with the Fritzbox. This requires a desk phone to which the Jabra headset can be connected. Then the incoming and outgoing calls are routed through the Fritzbox phone chain. It is a pity that this option is denied to me because my Fritz phone cannot be connected to the Fritz box by cable. How nice it would be if I could join the Jabra headset to the Fritzfon telephone device using the DECT function.

Jabra Engage 75 times 2: Wireless Mac And Smartphone Telephony In One

A convenient feature of the Jabra Engage 75 is the option of being able to use not just one, but even two end devices for telephony purposes at the same time. And either via USB on a Mac or via Bluetooth on a smartphone. In both cases, the connection is established using the docking station that belongs to the Jabra headset. This makes it very easy to connect the headset and end device. The docking station also serves as a charging station for the battery of the Jabra Engage 75.

Too Bad: With The Engage 75 Stereo You Can Only Listen To Music On A Mac, But Not With A Smartphone

Another limitation concerns the Bluetooth connection to my Android smartphone. The Jabra Engage 75 only recognizes this as a headset, which unfortunately does not make it suitable as headphones for listening to music. It works perfectly on a Mac. It is a pity that I cannot use the Jabra headset to make calls and listen to music while travelling.

Conclusion: Wireless Headset With A Great Speech And Hearing Quality With Restrictions

In summary, I can only say: The Jabra Engage 75 is a great headset, but it does not quite meet my requirements. Or my existing technology. But let’s see, maybe I’ll find a solution for that.

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