How To Promote Video Content For Better Marketing Results

How To Promote Video Content For Better Marketing Results

If you are reading this article, you might be using video marketing or planning to incorporate videos in your marketing strategy to boost your business. Well! You are on the right track. Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic and increase sales. 

Many organizations are creating videos but do not see results as expected. That’s where the video promotion comes into play.

If you want your video marketing campaign to be a success, it is important for you to invest some time in video promotion besides focusing on video quality and video type. Suppose you are distributing the right video type such as 2D animation video, typography videos, whiteboard animation video, logo animation video, etc., on the right platform. In that case, you can reach a wider audience and boost conversions. 

Now, let’s dive into some effective tactics to promote videos to generate powerful results.

6 Different Ways To Promote Video Content

Let’s get started… 

Run Video Campaign On Social channels

What’s better than utilizing social platforms to showcase something for free? Social media is one of the best places to showcase things and spread your message across the globe.

There are around 3.96 billion people using social media worldwide, which will increase every year. This shows that most of your target audience is on social media. So, if you want your video content to stand out from the crowd, you need to utilize social platforms to share the message around the world. 

I would recommend you put your efforts into the right social media as per your goals. Also, make sure you use appropriate hashtags while sharing videos on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. 

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Add Video Thumbnail Into Emails

If you don’t want to waste your efforts that are put in while creating videos, then focus on dressing the video by creating engaging and clear thumbnails. It is one of the effortless ways to gain exposure to the videos and inspire people to make a click. If people can relate to your thumbnail, then there are more chances that they will surely play your video. 

Therefore, to make your video thumbnail more impressive, you can optimize it with a smile. Furthermore, you can add video thumbnails into your email newsletter to improve your video marketing besides email marketing; because, as per the stats, email subject lines that include videos boost open rates by 19% and minimize subscribers by 26%. 

If you are unsure in deciding which thumbnail best suits your video, or want to create a new thumbnail, you can always join hands with the best video production company. Their experience and ideas will surely help you in achieving the miles. 

Add Videos In Landing Pages

This tip is the most obvious but commonly ignored by many companies. Many organizations landed on producing excellent videos but do not utilize it on their landing pages, due to which they lose many interactions with leads and customers.

As per the research, it is found that landing pages that include videos are able to experience an 80% boost in the conversion rate. Furthermore, to gain more exposure, you can add a link to a video landing page in email signatures. It will surely ramp up the attendance and encourage more people to sign up. So, make sure the landing page of your website incorporates exciting yet informative video.

Include Share Buttons To Your Video Player

Another easiest way to gain more traffic to your videos is by asking more and more people to share video content with their friends and family. To make this task easy for your audience, I would recommend you to add a share button on the video player or near it. 

This helps them to directly share videos from the platform they are watching. In some of the platforms, you can directly add buttons, whereas, in some, you can add a “share” call to action anywhere in your video. 

Always remember, the more the number of people who watch your video, the higher the chances to convert them into leads and potential customers. So, try adding responsive buttons to your video player to get excellent results. 

Pin Your Videos To The Top Of Twitter Feed

To promote the videos in a much stronger way, you can prefer pinning a tweet. By doing this, you can ensure that your videos stay at the top of your account. Whosoever will land on your account will first view that post which increases the chances of getting more clicks.

This tip is more productive in the case of Twitter and LinkedIn. So, if you wish to get a high level of exposure and make people know what and where to look, then you should surely add this tip to your checklist.

Put Videos Above The Fold

Always remember, the higher the video positions, the more the play rate will be. So, whenever you add videos, make sure you put them above the fold. It will surely help you rank higher and engage more audiences. 

It’s not always true that you have to promote videos on different platforms. Yes! You can put videos on your own website having high traffic. It will not only entertain people but also help you boost your revenue. So, instead of adding videos in between the websites, try to put it above the fold because the more people view your video, the higher the chances that it will make a conversion. 

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The Final Verdict 

Promoting videos in the right way is as important as adding a cherry on the cake. Promoting videos in the right way will not only boost your brand awareness but also engage more audiences. 

Well! There are thousands of ways to promote videos, but hopefully, above listed ways will surely help you get excellent results. If you follow each step while doing marketing for your business via videos, then you will be able to catch visitors’s eye beyond generating ROI. 

So, what are you thinking of? Start showcasing your ideas worldwide and give your business a boost.

Happy Video Marketing! 

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