Best Ways To Use YouTube For Education

Best Ways To Use YouTube For Education

People do not depend on traditional methods of learning anymore. They turn to social media channels and tools including Zoom, Coursera, Udemy, YouTube, and different other platforms. There are different platforms where people can look for an expert in the field, look out for their channel and make the most from different tutorials and videos online. You can look out for tutorials on subjects like Math, English Language, History, Photography, Film Making, Philosophy and many other subjects.

Let’s have a look at different ways that make YouTube one of the best channels to teach.

Videos Inspire Thematic Reflections In Form Time

Form time is used to encourage students to find details on hot topics including the Presidential campaigns and elections in the United States, coronavirus and many other topics. YouTube has a lot of content and clips that can be used to create some thematic discussion.

Engage Students With Visual Lesson Content

There are different ways that you can consider when trying to help your students learn and implement whatever they are going to go through in a particular subject. Let’s say, I always had issues to memorize things and always went for the entire concept behind the lesson. YouTube is one amazing way to help people learn things using videos, tutorials and different lectures by subject experts online. There are even different animated videos that many experts use to explain a particular lesson to their followers.

Creating Discussion That Grabs More Attention And Interest

One can search YouTube for videos on hot topics and current affairs, news stories, press conferences, launch events and ask your class about what they think about what the presenter or the ways students interpret a news report or an opinion. This is not only going to develop critical thinking amidst your students but will help them research on different current issues and create awareness about things happening around them.

YouTube Makes High-Quality Video Access Free

YouTube is a wide spectrum of videos and information that are providing high-quality content to users round the clock. Millions of users have unlimited access to information for free. These videos are not only very informative but they are entertaining, educational, crisp and have to the point information. If you are using different internet plans by Spectrum internet you can experience uninterrupted access to YouTube videos throughout. Cable TV programs included in the Spectrum TV plans can become very affordable and easy to get information from around the world as well.

Available Clips That Can Be An Archive Resource

There are a handful of clips on YouTube that are a great way to contextualize historical context. These clips feature clips and footages from events that might have happened in history and can be as old as in the early 1900s. You can have a look at your town or city and places around you in the past and the way things used to be. This is one useful way to help students get in touch with things, events and people who have lived before them.

Create A Playlist With Lessons Sorted Out

Instructors can use YouTube to create Playlists that can be arranged systematically and help students to enhance their learning. The goal is to make learning more systematic and more convenient. Also, the goal is to help students get all the study material to stay in one place and not scatter videos around. I used to get really scared when my books and different study material used to lie around here and there on my desk. Likewise, an unorganized lesson list might spoil a student’s interest or mood to study.


YouTube is one amazing tool that students can use to streamline the learning process. For instructors, YouTube can become a way to organize lessons for their students and make sure that the lessons stay available, organized and updated at all times. Apart from that, it is free to use and you don’t have to pay a single to get a solution or get education and awareness about things that you want a solution on.

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