How To Maintain An Effective Time Management For The Entire Staff

How To Maintain An Effective Time Management For The Entire Staff

The time control of workers in companies is really important since its main objectives are to protect the company’s resources, thus avoiding losses due to fraud or negligence, as well as detecting any deviations that may arise in the company that may be affecting the achievement of objectives.

As a general rule, small and medium-sized companies do not have a well-defined administration system, which means that the objectives and plans are not set out in writing, but rather are carried out in a practical way, solving problems as they arise. 

They generally invest without prior planning and creative departments as needs appear. This may be summed up in the loss of money and situations may arise that were not expected, and may give the company’s reputation, among other things.

In short, adequate control of time on each worker can lead to an optimization of the use of resources, achieving a better level of productivity.

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Time Control To Improve The Productivity Of The Company

Optimizing workers‘ time is one of the main priorities of companies, and it is that this has two objectives, on the one hand, to control the costs of the company and, on the other hand, to increase productivity without the need to resort to new hires or overtime.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to pay special attention to things such as good work scheduling, control over the rest of the workers, the study of the performance obtained based on the work performed or, to be able to identify the main points of loss of time.

Time Control: Task Planning

Establishing a time to clearly set out the tasks and functions that must be performed each day at work is essential for good time control. Assist team members to set priorities in time management and the functions and tasks to be developed, thus increasing productivity and efficiency by delegating and dividing tasks among members according to their talents and potential.

When establishing the priorities in the tasks to be executed, the execution time must be specified and evaluated, the steps to achieve it, the delivery times and indicate the importance. In addition to that, you have to be aware that unexpected aspects may occur and you should have that extra time to ensure compliance with deadlines.

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Time Control: Performance vs Working Hours

The evaluation of the labour performance offers an essential source of information that allows measuring the success of the organization of the company. This performance can be measured in two ways:

Measure the results: Measure everything a worker achieves or produces with his work. That is, depending on the number of objectives.

Measure employee performance: This aspect depends on the personality of the worker. This should be analyzed without losing objectivity, considering the way to act at work. 

Really, the ideal is to carry out the two measurements, achieving more complete results and obtaining more objective information for time control in the company. 

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