Best Smartwatches For Business In 2021

Best Smartwatches For Business In 2021

Important Features To Keep In Mind When Searching For The Right Smartwatch For You

Smartwatches have great potential for business use. The use of wearables in business settings allows companies to collect valuable data about the work environment as well as employees themselves. Real-time health tracking, improved activity management, and enhanced production processes are just a few of the many advantages of this technology.

How To Use Smartwatches At Work?

Smartwatches continue to be developed and are ever more applicable for use at work. Having done the research, a few of the best currently available options have been chosen.. The list begins with the criteria to check for before buying, and further down, the top choices are presented that can streamline operations and bring the most advantages to companies,
regardless of the position or industry.

An example of such an industry where smartwatches could really be a game changer is when it comes to energy inspections and property maintenance. This type of work involves having many people directly out in the field, and certain smartwatch features could be extremely convenient and appealing to them. Due to the untapped potential that smartwatches have, even certain aspects of inspection software could be implemented into them. Certain inspection forms could be filled in with a simple tap on the wrist, saving people time by not having to carry around stacks of paper. Another area where smartwatches could make a big difference is with digital transformations in manufacturing. For example, smartwatches could be used to track the movement of employees in addition to other aspects of production. However, these are just a couple of the many possible areas that could be enhanced by the use of smartwatches.

What To Think About Before Buying

There are specific factors that make using smartwatches useful and advantageous. Yet, it doesn’t take more than a couple negative aspects to ruin the entire experience. Below are the main points you need to consider when in the market to purchase a smartwatch:

The Operating System And App Support

Smartwatch producers and independent developers build loads of productivity apps that push the boundaries of what smartwatches can do. However, not all apps are supported by all devices. Apple’s watchOS has the biggest selection of apps, followed by Google’s Wear OS. Samsung’s Tizen delivers abundant beneficial features right out of the box. Despite not having a high level of app support, it ranks among the best smartwatch operating systems. There are many other operating systems, but their performance varies and is limited compared to the above mentioned three.

Battery Llife

At the very minimum, the battery needs to last an entire work day, so you can wear it without constantly worrying and checking how much charge is left. Charging is not always a quick process, so a longer lasting battery is an essential aspect to consider.

LTE Connectivity

It’s crucial to stay connected at work, and certain smartwatches have the technology to connect to cellular networks. With a smartwatch like this, it’s not necessary to carry your phone with you at all times, as you can get notifications, send and receive messages, and make calls directly from your wrist.

Overall Build Quality And Design

How do you want your watch to look? Watches more appropriate for meeting rooms look more refined, whereas those made to be used in the field are more rugged. As a result, be sure to select the appropriate smartwatch to suit your work environment, position, and its requirements. Water resistance is something else to consider if there is a chance of you getting wet.

Size And Display

Different sizes of smartwatches and their screens have a real impact on the entire user experience. The sizes of smaller smartwatches typically start at 38 mm for those with smaller wrists, and go up to 46 mm, which are more appropriate for men. Overall, business-friendly smartwatches are high-quality and exhibit satisfactory resolution.

Activity Tracking & Sensors

These areas are covered well by smartwatches. They can measure your heart rate, use GPS navigation, count your steps, aid in streamlining your workflow and energy management, and can even track and record sleep quality.

Storage And Connectivity

Bluetooth is a must-have if you plan on connecting it to your phone, headphones, or beacons. For contactless payments, NFC functionality will do the trick. Being able to connect to Wi-Fi is an added bonus for connecting to the Internet. For those who plan to put music on their watch, the amount of dedicated storage is a good spec to pay attention to.


Always an important aspect to consider. The cheaper smartwatches on the list start at around $150, and the more costly ones go up to a few hundred dollars. Generally speaking, it is advised to take all of the aspects above into consideration when making a choice for a specific smartwatch and choosing the one that best fits your needs and requirements.

Best Smartwatches For Business Use In 2021

Apple Watch Series 6

Upsides: This watch provides the best performance overall. Not only does it have the highest level of app support on the market, but it allows for advanced heart-rate monitoring and activity tracking. This stylishly designed watch comes in various sizes.

Downsides: It only works with iPhones, and the battery lasts just one day.

Price: From $399 (no LTE)/$499 (LTE capabilities)

Verdict: Every year, Apple sets the standard for smartwatches. Its Apple Watch Series 6 is the best device available. It all boils down to its particularly high processing power, its impeccable OS, and incomparable third-party app support. This is all in addition to its LTE capabilities, water resistance, elegant design, a wide selection of bands to choose from, and multiple options for personalization. Its advanced heart-rate monitor, ECG app, and oxygen saturation monitor can even save lives.

As the battery life of these watches is not their strongest characteristic, they will most likely need to be charged every day. But if you use an iPhone, there is a strong likelihood that this is the smartwatch for you. Its look, power, apps, capabilities, features, and overall performance allow this watch to rise to any occasion.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Upsides: For those that don’t use an iPhone, this is the best choice. It works with both iOS and Android, is elegantly designed, and its rotating digital bezel allows the user to quickly navigate the watch and its functions.

Downsides: A lack of third-party apps

Price: From $399 (no LTE)/$449 (LTE capabilities)

Verdict: This watch has loads of useful features and is among the most successful wearable products on the market. Its rotating bezel is outstanding, as it provides a smooth way to move through the different functions. On one charge, this watch can last anywhere from 2 to 3 days. The strong points of this watch are its OLED display, water resistance, the Tizen OS optional LTE, and the possibility of contactless payments with NFC.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Upsides: Both iOS and Android compatible, stylish design, offline Spotify storage, rotating bezel for fast navigation

Downsides: Not many third-party apps

Price: From $199 (no LTE)/$379 (LTE capabilities)

Verdict: Coming in two sizes, 40 mm and 44 mm, this smartwatch uses 20 mm straps to offer a myriad of options for you to find the look that suits you. In spite of that, it’s style and elegance makes it ready to be worn right out of the box. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 also comes in an LTE version which can be used to connect to cellular data and to make calls. The battery can last approximately two days.

This watch has the unique feature of including internal storage for offline Spotify music, the only smartwatch on the market to do so. Despite being fast and smooth, the Tizen OS does not have quite the selection of third-party apps that watchOS does. However, the rotating bezel makes it easy to use.

Fitbit Sense

Upsides: The highest level Fitbit smartwatch to date, tracking features

Downsides: The OS is not as intuitive as watchOS or Tizen, limited possibilities of responding to notifications

Price: From $329 (no LTE)

Verdict: Fitbit launched its first smartwatch a few years ago after making a name for itself with fitness bands. This watch performs well and has a limited downside. Rather than primarily focusing on activity tracking, this watch is more geared towards overall performance. However, it does not have LTE capabilities. Having a battery life of one week distinguishes this watch from the others. Due to its well-known and trusted sleep tracking and fitness features, this watch could bring some advantages with it, mainly if the staff’s physical performance is something that is desired to track.

Apple Watch 3/SE

Upsides: The lowest-cost Apple smartwatch, stylish design, a high level of app support

Downsides: No ECG support, no always-on display

Price: Series 3: From $199 (no LTE) / $229 (LTE capabilities), Watch SE: From $279 (no LTE) / $329 (LTE capabilities)

Verdict: In addition to being the cheapest Apple watch on the market, the Watch 3 is a good value for the money due to all the other advantages that can be gleaned from the Apple smartwatch ecosystem. The Apple Watch SE has many of the same characteristics as the Series 3, but it has a bigger display and fall detection. As long as the lack of an always-on display and ECG/SpO2 don’t bother you, this is a solid selection.

Fossil Gen 5

Upsides: Stylish for both women and men, provides the best user experience with Google’s Wear OS

Downsides: Wear OS by Google is missing certain functions that watchOS and Tizen have, no LTE capabilities

Price: From $295 (no LTE)

Verdict: Measuring 44 mm, this smartwatch is perfect for more formal situations. However, it can look a bit oversized on some wrists. With this watch, Fossil has included more RAM, an updated processor, and Wear OS to put their spin on what a smartwatch should be. This watch supports a diversified set of third-party apps and provides the best experience to date with Google’s OS.

Overall, the Fossil Gen 5 is a strong choice for an all-around performance smartwatch. The battery can last one or two days depending on use. The Gen 5 is only water resistant, meaning no swimming or bathing with it. The positive attributes include NFC for Google Pay contactless payments, GPS, and a heart-rate monitor.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

Upsides: An incomparable 2-week battery life

Downsides: No third-party app support, no LTE capabilities

Price: From $249 (no LTE)

Verdict: Huawei’s Watch GT series fits a special niche in the smartwatch market. Even though there are no third-party apps or LTE capabilities, one aspect of it blows the competition out of the water: the battery can last two weeks. Notifications from your phone are shown on the watch, and there is much less stress involved with worrying about how long until you need to find the charger again.

The Watch GT will fill your need if battery life is one of your main focuses. In the US, the availability of this watch might be limited due to trade issues and restrictions put on Huawei by the US government.

Bonus Pick: NIVY Watch

Resco has added a new smartwatch to its repertoire, NIVY Watch. Developed for the sole purpose of professional use, it will not be sold on the consumer market. It has the potential to broaden the horizons for both organizations and industry workers alike.

It is suitable for business situations with specialized needs, for example, those who do property maintenance, construction workers, or even warehouse employees. This professional smartwatch is made of quality materials, has good ergonomics, and is easy to operate. It comes with additional equipment and functionalities, such as a simplified user interface or a multi-charging station. For a closer look at the specs or to test out the evaluation kit, click here.

Select The Best Smartwatch For Your Business

Smartwatches have an extremely large amount of potential in the business world. As producers improve the performance of smartwatches and broaden the capabilities of what wearable tech can do, smartwatches will only become more of an asset in years to come.

To dive deeper into the topic of smartwatches for business use, check out the free e-book Mass Use of Smartwatches Across Businesses & Industries.

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