What Is The Best Screen Time App For Parents To Manage Kids’ Screen Time?

What Is The Best Screen Time App For Parents To Manage Kids’ Screen Time?

This is often attainable with the utilization of parental management software packages, and FamiSafe is one of all the simplest choices value considering.

FamiSafe parental control app is the best Scan on and recognizes additional concerning what you’ll be able to expect. FamiSafe is one of the best screen time app that provides great results.

How To Originated FamiSafe

How to originated FamiSafe

Getting started in mistreatment FamiSafe is a simple method.  These apps to limit screen time apps will allow you to install it on your kid’s phone and your phone. once you area unit through with the installation, you’ll be able to currently set it up, therefore, reckoning on the items you’d prefer to monitor or the restrictions you’d prefer to impose.

FamiSafe – Family Filtering, Blocking and watching

Web Filters

To take full management of your kid’s online activities, FamiSafe can allow you to set many filters.

Filter Websites

As it is common with the different parental management software package, you’ll be able to use FamiSafe to filter websites reckoning on classes. Chrome and campaign area unit supported browsers. A number of the classes listed embrace violence and adult.

App Blocker

App Blocker

Aside from obstruction specific websites, you’ll be able to additionally block specific apps that you just believe can build your children unproductive or people who area unit unsafe. Except for this, you’ll be able to additionally see a whole log of all the apps that they use.

Activity Record

FamiSafe records a number of the foremost necessary activities of your children that you just have to be compelled to recognize. This can provide you with a clearer understanding of however your kid’s day slipped.

Daily Phone Activities

You don’t get to check your kid’s phone each day.

Uninstalled Applications

With FamiSafe, you’ll see if they’re doing this. You’ll recognize if there’s an app they need to be uninstalled. Within the same method, you’ll be able to additionally see the most recent apps that they need put in. once you recognize this, it’ll be easier to warn your kid concerning a way to use bound apps responsibly.

Suspicious Pictures

You can additionally use FamiSafe to notice suspicious pictures that area unit keep in your child’s phone. You’ll receive a moment warning once probably sexy content has been detected.

Social Watching

You can produce automatic alerts once the app detects suspicious words on your children’s social media accounts. Check that to visualize that the social network you’re interested in is on the market for watching. Presently not all social apps area unit out there for pursuit on iPhone.

FamiSafe – Pros And Cons


  1. Youtube video watching.
  2. Notification with geofencing.
  3. Photos pursuit and alerts.


  1. Not operating with desktop.
  2. Location pursuit solely on mechanical man.
  3. Browsing history solely on mechanical man.

FamiSafe – Mobile Support

One of the simplest things concerning FamiSafe is that it’s compatible with a good array of mobile devices. It supports mechanical man four.4 to ten and iOS nine to thirteen. Except for mobile phones, the app may be used for watching tablets. There’s no would like for jailbreaking or ontogenesis the target device.

Track Period Location

Like most of the powerful parental management software package, FamiSafe provides the choice to trace your kid’s current location. You don’t get to a decision and text them typically to be updated concerning wherever they’re. a fast check out the app can allow you to recognize the precise location of your kid at a selected time.

See Location History

Curious about wherever your children’s area unit going once you aren’t with them? FamiSafe keeps a history of the places they need to visit. This timeline may assist you in higher to perceive your child’s behaviours and interests.

Set Geofences

You can produce a geofence and once your kid arrives or leaves, you’ll straight away receive a notification. This makes positive that you just child won’t be obtaining out of the daily routine and you’ll be alerted once your kid enters a probably unsafe zone that you have earlier indicated.

Time Management With Screen Time App

With the app’s screen time watching, you’ve got the ability to manage what proportion time they pay mistreatment bound apps or their mobile phones. You’ll be able to lock their devices for an exact time, like once they area unit already in bed or once they area unit learning.

Monitor Screen Time

Monitor Screen Time

You can receive an in-depth report that shows what proportion of screen time your child is defrayment in a very day, week, or month. The report additionally shows the time of the day your children’s area unit most active once mistreatment their phones.

Preset Screen Time

Preset Screen Time

To manage convenience use, you’ll be able to set a wise schedule. You’ll be able to set completely different restrictions reckoning on the day of the week and your child’s location. Once the set time has no churchgoing, the device can mechanically disable. You’ll be able to additionally set cut-off date supported specific apps, like YouTube and Facebook.

FamiSafe Evaluation

FamiSafe Evaluation

FamiSafe is understood for having reasonable subscriptions that fit your wants. You’ll be able to select from monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. The monthly arrange a price $9.99 per month, quarterly arranges is $6.66 per month and annual arranges is $4.99 per month. You’ll be able to monitor up to thirty devices reckoning on the subscription you’ll select.

If this is often a rich answer considers our choice of free parental management apps and their reviews.

Download FamiSafe – Parental management now


This app wills a decent job with straightforward internet Filtering and obstruction apps to express content. The app main feature is that the geolocation and pursuit choices therefore once put in no have to be compelled to be troubled concerning your kid’s whereabouts, particularly once it involves mistreatment of their smartphones.

With this parental management software package, you’ll air prime of things, though it’s not the simplest with serving to folks to watch what’s happening with their children social networks, it still permits you to line alerts for offensive words. From watching web site and app usage to pursuit location, FamiSafe is an inexpensive app that may facilitate to stay your kid safe.

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