A Guide For Breaking Into A Career In Business

A Guide For Breaking Into A Career In Business

There are many reasons why a career in business can be appealing; you might have always dreamed of working in the industry, or maybe you’re starting to consider a career change that will enable you to be more in control of your earnings and become your own boss. 

If you’re looking to move into a career in business, here is a guide to help you.

Is A Business Career Right For You? 10 Top Signs 

The demanding industry of business isn’t for everyone, and even if you might be considering it, you need to be sure that it’s the right career move for you. Here are 10 top signs that a career in business could be perfectly suited to your personality and goals.

  1. You have a keen interest in business
  2. You have a logical mind
  3. You’re great at problem-solving
  4. You work well independently 
  5. You work well within a team
  6. You have thick skin 
  7. You’re determined and goal-oriented 
  8. You would love to be your own boss 
  9. You work well under pressure
  10. You would enjoy a career that’s ever-changing

A Guide For Breaking Into A Career In Business

  • Find A Business Mentor 

In business, it’s always beneficial to find relevant advice from people who have been there and done it all. Guidance from a business mentor in relation to risks to avoid, lessons to learn, and how to move forward in the market will always be helpful, and especially if you can find a mentor who has followed the same business journey you’re hoping to go on. 

There are many mistakes you can make in business and with a business career, so it’ll always help to know how to avoid the biggest mistakes and listen to someone who can offer valuable advice. 

  • Build A Professional Network

A lot of business is about who you know, who you can learn from, and the valuable connections you can make, so the sooner you start building a professional network, the better. This could be online through social media, especially professional platforms like LinkedIn, or other online conversations where you can meet the right people. 

Another beneficial idea for building a professional network is to visit business events, such as trade shows or presentations, to learn more about your chosen industry and meet professional-minded people.

  • Learn As Much As You Can With Qualifications

Qualifications can significantly help you to prepare yourself for the business market and also to boost your resume. If you can spend time building your business qualifications, you’re bolstering your credibility as well as learning more about your chosen field. Online learning is an extremely flexible way to learn more about business and gain qualifications, too, especially if you’re looking for something to take no matter where you work or travel in the world. For example, a Canadian can study for an MBA online to take with them if starting a business in another country or working remotely.

  • Build Your Experience

Experience in business is essential for you to better understand the industry and your chosen market. Experience with business can be extremely varied, such as getting to know different products, how to work in a certain environment, how to provide better customer service, understanding the production chain, and more. 

Building your experience in as many aspects as possible will help you to understand the industry as a whole, so you will be better equipped in many different areas. This is particularly beneficial if you’re hoping to start your own business and might need to fulfill many different tasks as an entrepreneur.

  • Try To Build Experience In Many Different Types Of Businesses

The business process and everyday routine can be extremely different depending on what type of business you’re in. If you’ve made the decision to move into a business career, you might still be unsure which type of business appeals to you, which is why varied experience will be so helpful. The more experience you build, the more you will learn about yourself and what you do and don’t like so that you can apply your experience to a position you would enjoy. 

  • Take More Risks

Being in business, whether as a career or launching your own, is a lot about taking calculated risks. Starting a new business in itself is a risk, so you’ll need to become comfortable with taking risks if you’re looking to succeed in a business career. 

Taking more risks can also apply to the job process itself. You may need to take more risks regarding positions to apply for or accept in order to build the right experience for your own goals or to learn more about yourself and develop your skills. It will be very difficult to progress within a business career if you’re constantly trying to remain in your comfort zone

  • Develop Your People Skills

There are many key skills needed to succeed in business, but people skills are skills that are going to translate easily across the board. The more you can develop your people skills, the more confident you will feel dealing with many different people within the business chain. This could be:

  • Employees
  • Colleagues
  • Suppliers
  • Partners
  • Business contacts 
  • Consumers 
  • General public 

A lot of business is about dealing with people more than focusing on products, so focusing on people skills definitely won’t be time wasted. 

  • Set Your Goals 

No matter where you are in your business journey, it’s always about goals. Any career path needs goals to be set, but in business, having clear objectives will help you to go far. You can set short-term and long-term goals for your business career path and research the relevant steps to take in order to make your goals possible. 

If you’re setting business goals during your education or startup phase, this process will also help you to get into a good routine with business goals once you’re established in your dream role or with any new startup business.

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