Top 5 Social Networking Trends In 2020

Top 5 Social Networking Trends In 2020

Hootsuite published its Social Trends 2020 report. This report, published for the fourth consecutive year, reveals the opportunities for brands to create the best social media marketing strategies over the next year.

Brands are beginning to behave more as users than as companies in social networks, sometimes acting individually with consumers and sometimes in groups. The key is that companies make the experience perfect in both cases.

They are also getting involved in the important issues that our planet faces, becoming trusted referents for their employees, who in turn are using social networks to achieve their company’s objectives.

For its part, TikTok, the platform for sharing short videos, is changing the landscape of social networks in a surprising way. Although TikTok Generation users are not target audiences for a brand, marketers should think about diversifying beyond the main social media platforms.

The Hootsuite 2020 Social Trends Report for companies highlights:

Brands establish a balance between public and private engagement: 

The increase in more personal behaviors and group messaging has not diminished the importance in public social media channels, which remain fundamental for the discovery of the brand and the acquisition of customers. The key is to create multiple, personalized and efficient experiences, while there is a balance between automation and the human connection to build deeper relationships with customers.

Employers are the center of attention in a divided world: 

As our world is increasingly divided, employees expect their companies to take sides. Globally, employers are more trusted than NGOs, organization, governments and the media. Organizations will exploit this new job, building strong internal cultures while expanding the company’s expectations with the defense of employees and clients.

TikTok changes the current landscape: 

With more than 800 million monthly active users and an average age of 16 to 24 years, Tik Tok continues to grow incredibly. Whether it lasts or not, TikTok’s fame brings a valuable insight into the future of social culture, content and coordinated effort. Social media marketing professionals must be attentive to TikTok, while using this knowledge to adapt their strategies in the networks established for the next generation.

Social marketing and results marketing collide: 

As social marketing experts have the pressure to expand their skills, advocates of brand awareness and network building should also be fluent in results marketing, it must be find a balance between driving short-term conversions and long-term strategies to build brand value, customer satisfactions and differentiation.

The Social ROI gap is reduced: 

The new highlights of social trade are joining the top and bottom of the sales funnel, creating a large amount of information on the conversion side of the customer’s purchase process. This information would now be able to added to the brand’s awareness activities, offering a more general and invaluable vision of how people move throughout the entire purchasing procedure.

Other interesting points highlighted in the report are:

52% of customers say they feel frustrated when brands do not offer a more humane treatment. 71% of employees believe it is vitally important that their CEO respond in difficult times and expect him to talk about industry issues, political events, national crises and employee issues.

Only 37% of millennials believe that business leaders have a positive impact on the world, and more than 26% do not trust them as reliable and accurate sources of information.

Video remains the highest performing content format on social networks. 60% of respondents who are Internet users say they have seen a video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram in the last month.

44% of the marketing professionals surveyed cited the “momentum of conversions” as one of the main results of social networks, just behind brand awareness

“The new year is a good time to reorient and drive strategies,” says Henk Campher, vice president of corporate marketing at Hootsuite. “The social trends that we have recognized in Hootsuite give the vital instruments to make one of a kind and significant encounters among workers and clients in 2020 and beyond.”

“The combination of these trends represents new and great opportunities for brands to build up further, credible and lasting connections with clients, with social networks as the focus of everything they do,” adds Campher.

The Hootsuite 2020 Social Trends Report was made in the third quarter of 2019. It depends on a study of in excess of 3,150 promoting experts and meetings with industry masters. The report includes not only trends, but also Hootsuite’s recommendations to take advantage of the opportunities that trends represent, along with complete examples of the big brands that are doing well in Social Media. 

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