How To Avoid Attacks On Social Networks? 4 Keys To Avoid The Main Dangers And Ensure Safety

How To Avoid Attacks On Social Networks? 4 Keys To Avoid The Main Dangers And Ensure Safety

Social networks are an essential component in our day to day, not only at the user level, but that companies also understand the need to be present on the internet to reach the consumer. In this article we explain how to avoid social networks. Let’s take a brief look at the concept of how to avoid attacks on social networks.

However, according to a study by IAB Spain, 85.5% of Internet users aged 16 to 65 use social networks. This data, together with the massive amount of data and information that users dump in their profiles, makes them one of the main objectives of cybercriminals in recent times.

In fact, in recent months we have seen how the hacking of WhatsApp accounts of characters known as Albert Rivera and Belen Esteban have occurred, as well as the hacking of the Twitter account of several municipalities in Spain. “It is undeniable that social networks play a fundamental role in our lives because of all the information they contain, everything they represent for users and the consequences that an attack can have. For this reason, it is essential to put into practice basic security strategies to avoid being victims of cyberattacks and, therefore, to protect our privacy” technical director of Check Point for Spain and Portugal.

Set Strong Password: 

One of the first levels of security is to create a robust password that makes it difficult for the cybercriminal to crack it. To do this, it is necessary to set aside common names, dates or words. Instead, it is best to create a unique eight-character password that combines letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols. In addition, it is essential to avoid using the same password for several profiles, as well as share it with anyone (even if it is trusted) or save it in the browser, since in case of loss of the device from which the profile is accessed, any person I would have the door open to enter another user’s account.”Despite being a basic level of security, it is often not necessary to pay the necessary attention, so it remains one of the weakest points in terms of security,”.

Configure privacy Options

In addition to the password, which is a primary level, social networks offer their own security measures, which can be configured to suit the user. However, it is common for Internet users to barely dedicate time to this practice, or even ignore it, so they do not take full advantage of the protection tools at their disposal. Reducing the degree of visibility of the profile, or segmenting and limiting access to content by other users are just some of the options available and that offers a security guarantee against data theft. In addition, it only takes a few minutes to establish these options, so its speed is another point that favors and invites to carry out this action.

Be Wary Of Links

 Discounts, promotions, gifts … social networks circulate and share millions of links that take us to another website outside the social network. Many of these links hide malware, so before clicking it is essential to check the sender and the link itself for signs that indicate that it is not reliable. In this sense, a clear example is given by misspelled words, either by the wrong order of the letters (Amazon) or by changing one letter to another symbol (Amaz0n). In the slightest doubt, it is best not to click on the link to avoid greater evils.

Avoid Giving Access To Other Apps

It is very likely that the social networks that we have installed on our smartphone ask us for permission to give access to our data to some associated application. A clear example of this is to access a website or service using a Facebook profile, for example. This is something very dangerous, since many times cybercriminals are lurking and impersonate a website to get our data in a simple and fast way. Therefore, before authorizing the access and use of our information, it is essential to carefully read the terms and conditions of use.

Aware of this fact, the company points out the key points to be protected on the network and avoid attacks against social media profiles:

“The fundamental pillar of a cybersecurity strategy in general, and in social networks in particular, is common sense”. “From Check Point we strive to remind Internet users that caution is the best companion when it comes to surfing the net or using their profiles on social networks, since most malware attacks require user complicity to be effective Therefore, doubting at the slightest warning signal is one of the best safety barriers.”

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