5 Things To Remember Before Buying A Hoverboard

5 Things To Remember Before Buying A Hoverboard

In this modern world, Hoverboards have become a source of joy and outing, especially for kids. Hoverboards, two-wheeled electric scooters with portable devices such as Bluetooth, and different self-balancing functions, are produced in various ranges for almost all ages.

 Are you planning about getting a hoverboard? Many types of Hoverboards differing in sizes and dimensions are available in the market specially made for kids. 

 The most commonly used Hoverboards have wheel sizes of 5 inches, 6.5 to 8 inches, and 10 inches. We have scoured a list of 5 essential things you must keep in mind before purchasing the best Hoverboards available in the market. 

1. Cost

You must be sure about one thing that you will get what you will pay for. Knowing about the product’s price is compulsory for the person who is going to purchase the hoverboard. There are many types of Hoverboards which range from affordable prices too expensive ones. 

 If you are an expert rider, then you may need some extra features like Bluetooth to enjoy music while riding, or Remote-control features, etc. So, you have to pay more for these features for sure. 

If you are a beginner, then you should go for the hoverboard made with much durable material because your rides are going to be rough at the beginning. So, you must keep in mind your needs and your budget before buying.

2. Manufacturing Quality

If you are ordering online, though you are not able to guess the build-in quality of a Hoverboard, searching from the online product stores, and looking into customer reviews, you can get all the

information about the product you are going to buy. 

 The making quality of hoverboards varies for different types of brands. The frame, deck-board, Wheels, and batteries with various capacities are made up of different quality materials. Some Hoverboards are made up of high-quality bamboo ply to make it much resistant and durable. 

 Internal parts are also different for different products. For example, some brands have tires made of Rubber, while others may have tires made of metal. So, made up quality should not be compromised before spending your money.

3. Battery Quality And Certifications

One of many things before buying a hoverboard is to make sure about the quality of a battery and its shelf life. Battery quality has to be an essential concern Because many problems are caused due to low-quality of the battery. Using a low-quality battery, you may not be able to enjoy your ride long enough.  

It is highly endorsed that you should look out for UL 2272 certification before your purchase. If the desired hoverboard is certified, there is no need to worry about any explosion issue. In other words, it means that you are safe. 

Usually, China is the manufacturer of hoverboards, and many of them are made using first-class components, which cost pretty high. To maintain prices low, some hoverboards are made using low-quality parts. In the United States, Hoverboards cannot be advertised, which are not UL 2272 certified.

4. Speed And Range

The top speed of most hoverboards, on average, is 10mph. Speed depends on the weight of the rider, the type of the hoverboard, and the wheels. Many riders find It much fun to ride a hoverboard while operating it at high speed. 

 It gets dangerous while riding on a rough, bumpy surface and down the hills. For these risky movements with high speeds, you have to be a pro in riding the board. Otherwise, you will get injured.   

The speed of high-priced boards goes up to a maximum value of 17 miles per hour with a premium model’s speed ranging between 24-28 miles while the speed of many standard board types is between 12 to 14 miles. The momentum for low-end models with air wheels covers about 4-6 miles and is less costly in price. 

5. Charging Time

As described above the importance of battery life, charging time is also worthy of consideration. After charging fully, some hoverboards can be a ride all day long. Some Hoverboards need charging after two to three hours riding.

According to Pro Hoverboards Riders‘ experience, one can travel up to 12 miles in a single charge, and 6-8 miles can be covered within an hour without any difficulty. Many good models have built-in indication features that warn on low battery status. 

 Some hoverboards show excellent riding time at the begging and with the passage of a few days, the Battery timing is reduced drastically. So before purchasing online, you must look into the reviews section in this regard. 

 Putting in a Nutshell, the more excellent features you get when you spend more money on it. It’s always wise to purchase according to your budget and level of Riding whether you are a beginner or pro and keeping in mind the Battery Capacity, Charging time, and safety certifications.

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