Will Siri Speak Ukrainian? Apple Is Looking For An Employee With Knowledge Of Ukrainian Dialects

Will Siri Speak Ukrainian? Apple Is Looking For An Employee With Knowledge Of Ukrainian Dialects

Company Apple has placed on your site position analyst annotations ( the Annotation Analyst extension) with the Ukrainian language knowledge for Siri’s voice commands.

Interestingly, one of the vacancy requirements is “the ability to understand the verbal nuances of Ukrainian dialects.”

The employee will be required to listen to and transcribe audio files and evaluate Siri’s response and use of the language of customers who have agreed to participate in the assessment program.

Apple probably wants to teach its voice assistant Siri to understand and respond in Ukrainian.

“We need a motivated evaluative analyst who demonstrates active listening, honesty and keen attention to detail. Bring enthusiasm and dedication to your work, and no one knows what you can achieve. This position is located at our European headquarters in Cork, Ireland,” says the job description.

Among the requirements for the applicant: fluency in the Ukrainian language, excellent reading and writing skills in English, as well as active listening skills with the ability to understand the verbal nuances of the Ukrainian dialect, including differences in different Ukrainian regions.

Other requirements include the so-called Soft Skills, that is, an employee must be able to work in a team, complete tasks on time, concentrate on work, “make decisions promptly,” and so on.

Earlier,¬†HB¬†wrote that Apple began searching for a chief accountant for the Apple Ukraine office in Kyiv. The corresponding vacancy was published on the company’s website on July 2, 2020.

The announcement says the company is looking for someone with accounting experience and strong analytical skills to be in charge of finance.

Among the requirements for candidates are specialized education and five years of experience in accounting and taxes, in the Ukrainian legal field, knowledge of financial reporting systems such as Tableau, EDW, BW, Ukrainian and English. The full list of requirements is on the Apple website.

At the end of May, it became known that Apple had registered a legal entity in Ukraine. Then it was reported that Apple might announce the start of the Ukrainian division this summer.

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