Why Data Management Is So Important For Nonprofit Organizations

Why Data Management Is So Important For Nonprofit Organizations

For any kind of business, organizing and creating efficient systems for data management is an essential part of running a healthy, thriving business. Despite their name, not-for-profit businesses are still businesses and face many of the same logistical challenges as their for-profit counterparts. But whereas a retail company tracks sales and costs to calculate revenue, non-profits must also keep track of entirely different sets of data. Non-profits operate primarily on revenue generated from donations; under federal law, transactions and donations must be closely monitored.

A nonprofit’s revenue must be used to further its specific cause; while this can go towards funding employee salaries, the organization is not able to generate profit for personal gain. Not-for-profit businesses are exempt from paying federal taxes; these stringent regulations are to make sure that the leaders of non-profits do not take advantage of this tax-exempt status. Whether your nonprofit is big or small, effective organization software can help you expand.

Why Use Non-Profit Organization Software?

These additional regulations are why using a traditional organization software won’t help you run your nonprofit as effectively as possible. A non-profit organization software specifically designed to help keep track of donations, donor contact information and volunteer information can go a long way towards improving our operation. The key to finding a good nonprofit data management software is fiding on that is easy to use and has all of the resources you need in one place.

How A Salesforce Raisers Edge Integration Helps

Salesforce Raisers Edge Integration does just that, condensing all of the resources you need to effectively run your nonprofit in one convenient location. This software offers the following features to help you track and organize your data, as well as run the day-to-day affairs of your business.

  • Personalized Messaging: Make reaching out to donors easier with personalized message templates and tailored email campaigns.
  • Continuous Accuracy: Make sure your data is accurate by using Salesforce to proofread all of your transactions and ensure that all of your data is accurate.
  • Consistent Communication: Easily keep track of subscribed and unsubscribed donors. Make sure all of your donors are receiving all of your personalized emails. 
  • Full Visibility: Keep track of everything all in one place. Salesforce can help you get a complete picture of your operations. 

Running a non-profit takes more dedication and operational strategy than just a normal business because creating as much profit as possible is not the end goal. Whether you are providing disaster relief, running a non-profit college or university, operating a church or running a charity, your business needs to focus on building as large a base of donors as possible. The key to properly building a donor base is creating an effective communication network.

Using an effective organization software makes building and maintaining this network easier by streamlining how you track your data. Business transactions, donor email information and massive email campaigns can now all be managed from the same place. Take control of your donor network and use your connections to mobilize and support your cause.

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