When Will The iPhone 5G Arrive?

When Will The iPhone 5G Arrive?

A few months ago, the first 5G phones appeared, so it is entirely expected to inquire as to whether Apple will also be encouraged to manufacture a compatible smartphone. Here you will find everything we know so far about the iPhone 5G, which could arrive in 2020.

Is The iPhone Compatible With 5G Technology?

Actually no, not yet. The iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are the latest models that Apple has released and, by the disappointment of many, are not yet compatible with 5G. Neither are the previous models.

iPhone 5G: Release Date

While some smartphone manufacturers have already launched their first 5G model this 2019, it seems that Apple is not ready yet, and we have to wait until the second half of 2020 to enjoy the first iPhone 5G. What’s more, three 5G models are expected to be released at the same time.

One of the big culprits could be Intel. The Fast Company portal said in November that the Intel 5G modem with which Apple is working would be suffering from overheating when working at such high speeds.

Intel confirmed it in part this February to Reuters, when Sandra Rivera explained that, although the 5G modem will be ready before the end of the year, we will not find it in products for the general public until next year.

Despite this, there are those who say that those of Cupertino would have a plan B in which they would have MediaTek to manufacture the 5G modem that would be included in the iPhone 5G. However, this possibility seems somewhat remote.

It was felt that the iPhone 5G would not arrive until 2021, but now everything indicates that it could arrive a year earlier. This would contradict the information of analyst Timothy Arcuri, while analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes it will arrive during the second half of 2020.

Why Has The Arrival Of The iPhone 5G Been Delayed?

There are several reasons that would explain the fact that the iPhone 5G will arrive later than some thought. On the one hand, we found the disagreement with Qualcomm and, on the other, one of its consequences: having to work with Intel, which has had problems developing its 5G modem.

The agreements and disagreements between Apple and Qualcomm

You will be interested to know that, before working hand in hand with Intel, Apple relied on Qualcomm for the manufacture of wireless chips for its iPhones. That was before they broke any commercial deal in 2016.

Apple and Qualcomm exchanged accusations of infringement of their own kicks. Qualcomm, for example, accuses the apple company of owing them copyright money for the use of its technology.

After Intel’s inability to create a 5G chip, Apple has again agreed with Qualcomm, which has already introduced the first 5G modem: the Snapdragon X50. As part of the agreement, Apple has accepted a 6-year contract with Qualcomm.

Intel’s problems with 5G

Intel is also to blame for the delay of the 5G compatible chip. Apple went on to trust Intel after disagreeing with Qualcomm, but Intel encountered problems when making that modem.

According to information from Fast Company, the modem Apple was working with suffered some heat dissipation problems, which inevitably caused production delays. After this, Intel has confirmed that it will stop manufacturing 5G chips.

Will Apple make its own 5G modem?

Although Apple has finally reached an agreement with Qualcomm, the company may not have them again from next year. The truth is that Cupertino’s are working on their own 5G modems.

According to Reuters, the team is led by Johny Srouji. In addition, they also have Umashankar Thyagarajan, who previously worked with Intel and led Intel’s project to manufacture modems for iPhones.

It seems unlikely that these Apple 5G modems are ready by 2021. In fact, according to information from The Information portal, these modes compatible with the fifth generation of mobile telephony may not arrive until 2025.

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