What You Learn During An Online Master’s In Computer Science

What You Learn During An Online Master’s In Computer Science

When you are looking to make sure that you are qualified for a variety of jobs in a competitive market, it helps to study the right subjects. This is especially true when you are looking to return to college for a master’s or a doctorate degree. To help you become the best possible version of yourself and to be in the running for a wide number of great jobs, this guide has been created, touting the many possibilities that you might find during an online master’s in computer science.

The question you might be asking yourself as you read this guide is: what do I actually study during an online master’s in computer science? Thankfully, you are in the right place, as this overview has been created to outline the different subjects that are on offer during such a degree as well as explaining the different ways in which learning these subjects can make you more qualified for today’s competitive job market. If this sounds like a topic that interests you, then you should take the time to read the overview that has been especially created for you below. Read on now in order to learn all about it.

The Foundations And History Of Computer Science

Ever since the first mechanical computer was created in 1822 and the first modern digital computer, the Atanasoff–Berry machine, was created in 1942 at Iowa State University, the world has never been the same. Accelerated by the introduction of the world wide web around 30 years
ago by Tim Berners-Lee, it is safe to say that computer science has changed the way we think about the world, the way that we communicate, the way that we do business, and the way that almost everything operates.

If you are interested in digging into both the history of computer science and the foundations that underpin many of the core principles that govern the way that it works today, then studying an online master’s in computer science is definitely the right choice for you. If you are interested in learning more, then you should be looking around for a great online master’s degree in computer science today.


The world runs on computer programs, meaning that if you want to make sure that you hit the ground running in the technological sphere, you should be studying a master’s in computer science as it will teach you all about the different programming languages and how they can be used to
create all sorts of interesting technological products. The main programming languages include, but are not limited to:

Ruby/Ruby on Rails
SQL for Cybersecurity
Shell Scripting

If you are already preparing for a computer science degree, then it is so important you should make sure that you are competent in at least three different computer programming languages. This is due to the fact that you will probably be expected to be able to communicate in a couple of them already. It will also make your studies a lot easier. Then, once you are actually studying, you will become a lot more acquainted with how these programs work, eventually increasing your chances of landing a high-paid job in the future. Without learning these languages, it is likely that your career in computer science won’t be a success.

Creating Algorithms

Once you have become acquainted with programming languages, it is likely that while you are studying your master’s in computer science, you will also be learning how to create algorithms. Simply put, an algorithm is a specially created sequence that is able to solve certain problems or perform computing tasks. Naturally, this technology has huge ramifications for the way that everyone does business. Knowing how to do this is essential when you consider that so much of the way that the world works— whether it's in digital marketing, social media, or data collection — now relies on algorithms. Basically, this is the building block by which computer science rests.

Data Science And Analytics

Data has been touted as the new oil these days, with the amount of data out there on the internet exponentially increasing. Harnessing this data correctly in order to create better products for customers is the dream of many tech entrepreneurs. Doing it correctly would ensure their ability to
be able to be more targeted in the way that they communicate. It is likely that when you are studying an online master’s in computer science, you will be looking at the ways in which you can use algorithms to collect data as well as the different analytics platforms that you can use to study
this data in a successful way.

Understanding Operating Systems

Whether you choose to use Apple, Windows, or you prefer Linux, every computer that you use runs on an operating system, a phenomenon that allows a variety of different applications to be able to communicate with one another within the same computer. If you want to make sure that
you land a job that involves you using one of these three main operating systems — or maybe even another operating system entirely — it is very important that you completely understand how they work. Thankfully, this is just the kind of point that you would learn in an online master's degree in computer science, given the framework to tweak operating systems depending on a company’s needs as well as being able to fix any computing problems that may occur.


When you are studying for basically any subject, you won’t be surprised to know that there will be some amount of teamwork involved. This is definitely true when you are studying for an online master’s in computer science. Teamwork in a safe setting such as a college is so important because it allows you to make mistakes along the way, learning the best ways in order to collaborate on later projects, an essential skill when it comes to working in the modern tech world. Additionally, it is likely that you might make some key friends along the way, people that you could
later collaborate with on other projects.

Mobile Computing

While the stereotype involved with computer science might look like someone sitting at a large desktop computer with many different monitors, this is actually not entirely the truth. Mobile applications are now dominating as one of the biggest markets in the computer science world. It is likely, therefore, that when you are studying your master’s in online computer science, you will be able to learn about the basics of mobile computing as well as maybe have the chance to create your own mobile applications. This is extremely exciting when you consider that there is so much money currently involved in the mobile application industry.


As the recent SolarWinds hack has shown, businesses across the world have to be as vigilant as possible when it comes to the different threats posed by hackers — who keep growing in sophistication. This means that when you are learning about computer science, cybersecurity threats and how to successfully counteract against them is going to be at the core of your learning process. This is especially true when you are finally working for a company, and you want to make sure that the applications or interfaces that you are creating are able to function without the fear of them being hacked by nefarious outside agents.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

When it comes to creating the world of the future, artificial intelligence and machine learning are only going to become more important. Think about Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for the metaverse and the thousands of people that Facebook is planning to hire in order to fulfill this purpose. This is why it is essential that you become as acquainted with artificial intelligence and the possibilities
involved with machine learning as possible in order to increase the chances of finally landing a job. Thankfully for you, this is definitely a topic that you would be covering in some depth when you decide to study for an online master's in computer science.

Web Design

When you are looking to work in the modern business world, it is essential to be acquainted with the fundamentals of website design. This is because so many businesses have to make sure that they are created in a certain way in order to entice users to make a certain purchase. If you want to
make sure that you are landing jobs at the top tech firms, you should definitely look for an online master’s in computer science that offers you the chance to learn all about the way that website design works and how it can be used in such a way to maximize a company’s attractiveness.

Database Management

To keep the business world ticking over, databases are incredibly important, especially the ways in which they are created, maintained, and protected. When you are involved in learning an online master’s in computer science, it is likely that you will be introduced to the fundamentals of database management, including how to create one from scratch as well as the ways in which you can keep information safe and use the data inputted into the database in order to create actionable results. If your course does not teach this topic, there is no shame in simply looking for a better

Project Creation

One of the main reasons that people go into these types of careers and achieve success in these careers by first studying a master’s in computer science is that they want to be involved in making new and exciting products that change the world. It is likely that when you are involved in such study, you will be tasked with creating your own product that you will have to develop, install, test, and then launch. This is a very exciting part of a degree, as you might even be able to create a product that has a real impact on the way that people do business, making a fair amount of money in the process.

Learn About New And Emerging Technologies

If you want to get ahead in the world of computer science, it's important to be aware of all the new, different, and emerging technologies that are changing the way the world works. Thankfully, if you are taking part in an online master’s, you will be learning about topics such as the blockchain, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, remote communication, machine learning, big data, the metaverse, virtual reality, and more. This means that even if you don’t necessarily go directly into a job that corresponds with your degree, you will still be armed with a whole lot of knowledge that will come in handy later on.

Independent Learning

Learning how to think for yourself is one of the most important parts of any degree. The good news is that professors teaching an online master's in computer science will be expecting you to have a strong independent learning streak, a useful tool if you are looking to create projects on your own at a later date.


It has been the express aim of this guide to outline all the different parts of an online computer science master’s degree as well as how learning about these particular topics can stand you in good stead if you are looking to find a job within the technology sector. There are, of course, many
other topics that you might encounter which haven’t been covered in this guide, as well as emergent technologies that might rise to the forefront in the upcoming years.

If you ever find yourself needing extra inspiration to finally pursue the master’s degree of your dreams, then it is definitely worth revisiting this guide as and when you need to. Thanks for taking the time to look over the core components of a master’s in online computer science, and good luck in looking for a program that fits your needs and all your future endeavors in the tech industry.

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