What Should I Do If My Mobile Phone Falls Into The Water

What Should I Do If My Mobile Phone Falls Into The Water

Dry it as soon as possible with a paper or cloth if your mobile fall into water, avoid manipulating it and do not turn it on are some tips to put into practice

Along with the breakage of the screen, the technical problems derived from a fortuitous fall in some liquid is another of the main consumer consultations to the technical services. Fortunately, many of the most advanced mobile devices – and others launched in recent years – have protection systems with certificates that guarantee, in principle, that they will repel water or dust. Of course, with nuances, because really the use of rice as an element to “dry” the product is not scientifically proven.

Mobile phone manufacturers caution, however, that it is recommended to previously review the certification that smartphones have. Neither everyone is equal nor does everyone have the same measures. In general, those with IP68 certification – very extended – means that it can be submerged in water at depths of up to a meter and a half for a maximum of 30 minutes .

In any case, we should remember that it is tap water, never from the sea or with other elements. In this way, the electrical equipment is able to withstand – but without water seeping inside – the complete and continuous immersion at depth and for the time specified by the manufacturer of the product. This is the norm that governs the models that have this “waterproof” certification , which are many, yet not all.

So, on the off chance that “smartphone” with the IP68 system has been exposing to freshwater , the manufacturer’s recommendation is limited to dry carefully with a clean, soft cloth. They are resistant to accidental spills of common liquids, such as soda, beer, coffee, tea, and juice. In principle, it should not be another additional problem, and in a matter of minutes, the terminal should operate in a healthy state.

In the case of Apple, the technology giant reports that liquid damage “is not cover by the warranty”, but ensures that its most current models (iPhone 11) are IP68 certified and promise that they support depths of up to 4 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes, while the previous ones (iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X) have the IP67 and the resistance is reduce to one meter for half an hour. Therefore, if a “smartphone” includes the IP68 and has been exposing to any liquid other than freshwater, the only thing left is to immediately wash the device with “normal” water gently and gently dry with a soft cloth and cleansed.

That is the theory. Samsung, however, remains more reluctant with its equipment, according to its support page . «The evaluations to which the equipment is subjected are controlled tests and the variables that may exist in the face of its dedicated use underwater are very variable. One of the main details that you should consider is that water protection does not include salt water, therefore if the equipment is exposed to sea water, it is very possible that it causes corrosion to the metal terminations that the equipment may have » , they warn.

In any case, the main manufacturers recommend avoiding some uses in the event of a possible technical problem. So that there is no damage caused by liquids in principle it is not advisable to bathe, or expose the terminal to pressurized water, use it in a sauna, drop it or disassemble it.

Steps to follow

1- If a liquid that is not water splashes device, it is recommended to wash the affected area with tap water.

2.- Then, clean it with a soft lint-free cloth, for example, a lens cloth or a clean suede.

3.- Try to prevent moisture from entering the openings and it is important not to use cleaning products or compressed air.

4.- Then, it must be checked that it is dry before opening the SIM tray.

5.- Another recommendation is that if you are exposed to liquids it is necessary to disconnect all the cables and do not charge the device until it is completely dry.

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