What Is Caller ID, How Does It Work And What Is It For?

What Is Caller ID, How Does It Work And What Is It For?

Telephone operators offer a multitude of services related to communications management that, if we know them, can be useful. Caller ID is one of them. Let’s find out how it works and on what occasions it can make our lives easier, both at work and home. 

It is an exciting functionality on a personal level since it can save time by ignoring calls from unknown numbers or those that do not interest us. But in addition, it is an essential tool in the Call Center and Customer Service, since it will allow us to know which client is contacting us. In this way, we will access the relevant information that we have before answering the call.

Most operators do not offer the free caller ID service for landlines; however, it is a default and accessible option on mobile phones, which is activated by default. 

What Is A Caller ID?

Caller ID is an option offered by telephone operators. Before picking up the phone, we can know who the sender of an incoming call is, thus identifying unwanted numbers or spam calls. 

Suppose we have an integration of our CRM with the virtual switchboard. In that case, the caller ID will offer us the possibility that our management system recognizes the calling number and automatically directs us to the client’s file, as long as the number is previously registered in our database, of course. 

How Does This Service Work And What Is It For?

To activate the caller ID, we must consult the options of the telephone provider since not all of them work the same. Next we will see how to do it in the main mobile phone companies in our country:

  • How to activate caller ID in Movistar

To find out how to activate Movistar’s caller ID, you can contact its Customer Service division. The department will explain the functions of this service and advise you on the different rates and extras.  

With this service, you will be able to identify the person who is calling you and decide whether to take it or not. But in addition, you will be able to recognize a call even if it has not been answered, in addition to blocking calls that you do not want to bother you again. 

In order to use this option, you must have a landline telephone with a screen. Otherwise, the sender number cannot be shown. 

  • How To Activate Caller ID On Jazztel

Suppose you want to contract Caller ID at Jazztel. In that case, you should know that it is an optional service that you can activate and deactivate from the company’s Application, through which you will also have the option of managing many other aspects of your lines. 

Jazztel caller ID is not accessible, although you can get promotions and discounts on this and other services with some plans. 

  • How To Activate Caller ID On Orange

If you are from Orange and want to use the caller IDyou can contact the company or use the channels available through the Internet, on its website, and the App.

  • How To Activate Caller ID On Vodafone

As in the rest of the companies, the Vodafone identification service is optional, and you can contract it from your area or the Application for mobile devices or by calling Customer Service. 

The operator charges a small amount for this service, but you can access free caller-ID for landlines with some of the plans offered by the company. 

Regardless of which operator you work with, you should know that if the sender has the option to hide their own number activated, you will not be able to identify the call, since it will not be shown on your phone’s display.

Caller ID In IP Telephony

Suppose caller ID was already a beneficial option with traditional telephony. In that case, this service in a virtual switchboard is the essential tool in any Call Center and any Customer Service. 

The main advantage of the VoIP PBX is that it allows numerous integrations, and that is where the caller ID does its essential work. Here are some of the options:

  • Recognize The Sender’s Language: one of the options offered by this service is to identify the prefix from which the call is being made, thus attending to the person in the language of the country from which they are calling.
    This option is beneficial if we regularly receive international calls. 
  • That The System Identifies The Client: one of the main benefits of having this service configured in a virtual switchboard is that we can know if the sender is a client or a user who has previously interacted in some way with the company.

    When this happens, the switchboard, upon recognizing the number, will open the file of the person making the call on the screen of the agent receiving the call. Thus, when talking to her, we will have real-time access to all the relevant information. In the same way, by recognizing the call, the identifier allows us to block the number in case we do not want to receive communication from it again.

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