What Is A Switchboard In The Cloud?

What Is A Switchboard In The Cloud?

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The evolution of marketing and the radical change that has occurred in the business environment in recent years is undoubted. This transformation, in terms of consumer habits, has forced companies to invest human and material resources in the Customer Service department.

In the same way, business models have undergone an equally substantial metamorphosis that has directly affected the way of working, so it has also been necessary to adapt infrastructures to this new situation.

Organizations have realized the shortcomings that this development has revealed and, for the most part, have adopted the necessary modifications to compete in this innovative scenario.

This situation has led to the virtual switchboard becoming the definitive tool in company communications. In addition, it is the essential support to be able to develop new ways of working.

The PBX in the Cloud is an advanced telephone system that works through the Internet and has multiple functionalities. On the other hand, the absence of initial investments, cost savings and its easy installation and handling have allowed this product to become an essential that any company should consider, regardless of its size or characteristics.

Criteria To Take Into Account When Hiring A Switchboard In The Cloud

If we are thinking of hiring a switchboard in the cloud, it is important that we take into account a series of criteria to be able to make the appropriate choice and decide which functionalities we should include and which ones not.

A VoIP provider with experience in the sector can help us analyze the needs of the company and accompany us throughout the process.

These are some of the requirements that we must observe when deciding which type of switchboard best suits the characteristics of our company:

  • Number of extensions
  • That allows to connect all the venues
  • What functionalities does it provide and what integrations does it allow?
  • It is also important to choose a VoIP provider that offers different packages and allows high scalability.

Installation, Configuration And Maintenance Of A PBX In The Cloud

As we have explained previously, the VoIP provider can accompany us throughout the process. Starting with advising us when it comes to specifying needs, going through installation and configuration, and even once the switchboard is working, helping us to carry out preventive maintenance.

  • Decision-making : in this first stage we will decide which applications we are going to include in our switchboard, defining what the communication needs of the company are.
  • Installation and configuration : here, the experts will prepare the equipment so that we can get the best possible performance from our new virtual PBX.
  • Training : to take advantage of this resource, it is convenient for workers to know how the PBX works in the Cloud and each of its applications, so it is recommended that they receive some training.

  • Maintenance : Finally, it is important to allow the VoIP provider to carry out preventive maintenance, which will consist of constant remote system monitoring, and which will facilitate the correction of errors before they become performance problems.

The Most Interesting Integrations For A Virtual Switchboard

One of the main advantages of the Cloud PBX is that it can be integrated with an infinity of third-party applications, turning the tool into a global communication system. These are some of the most useful

  • Communication channels : thanks to the inclusion of Social Networks, email, short messages or instant messaging applications, we will obtain an omnichannel platform that will allow us to communicate with the client in a much more efficient and faster way, reducing you wait and optimizing your shopping experience.

  • ERP and CRM : by integrating the virtual switchboard with company management systems, such as ERP or CRM, workers will be able to access customer files, invoices, delivery notes, reports or other document from anywhere where there is one Internet connection, and also, they can do it safely.
  • POS : the possibility of offering the customer a virtual payment over the phone is a great advantage when finalizing a transaction, since the time between the decision and the purchase is considerably reduced and the sale can be closed on the same call.

  • IVR : IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response or translated into Spanish Interactive Voice Response, and it is a very interesting feature when routing incoming calls, in order to reduce waiting queues and offer a more efficient service to the allowing you to speak directly to the person who can help you.
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