Types Of Customers Of A Call Center

Types Of Customers Of A Call Center

A company’s Customer Service services are really important, since they can make the company increase or decrease the number of sales, as well as facilitate brand loyalty by users. Hence, it is necessary for agents to know the types of customers in a Call Center and how to treat them.

In the training of all our staff, information about the types of customers according to their behavior should be included, since with this knowledge we will be able to treat them in the best possible way to convince that they have an excellent shopping experience that makes them trust us again. 

Types Of Clients For Each Department

As we have said, in all types of call centers it is important for agents to know the customers that exist, since they are not all the same, nor can they be classified in the same way for all departments. The treatment and needs of each one will be different when they address the different areas of the company. Thus, we summarize the types of clients with whom the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service services must deal.

Types Of Customers For Sales

Sales representatives are in direct contact with customers, but they usually communicate with them before the person or company acquires one of our products or services. Hence, the clients they have to deal with do not display the same characteristics. In this case they are usually divided between those who are interested in our company and what we have to offer and those who are not.  

Customers Interested In Our Products

The salesperson already has part of the work done, since the prospect is already interested in working with our company. Therefore, the agent must make his buying experience pleasant, so that he trusts us again in the future. We can take advantage of the predisposition of these users to request useful information such as email. In the same way, it is interesting that the contact center agent receives the information from the salesperson about the client, so that he can use the information for future communications through the telephone channel or Social Networks. 

Customers Who Are Not Interested In Our Products

In these cases, the work of the employee is a little more complicated, since they must convince the potential client that our product is the one that best suits their needs. 

Types Of Clients For Customer Service

Since it is the division that has the most contact with the customer, we will dedicate a special section to the types of customers and how to treat them when we serve them from a Call Center.

Types Of Customers And How To Deal With Them In A Call Center

As we have said, it is convenient that the agents in charge of the Call Center of our company know the type of clients that exist and how to treat them. In the following list we can see what to do when each of them contacts us. 

In this way, when a prospect turns to us for information, we will increase the chances of converting them into customers. In the following paragraphs we explain the types of clients that exist according to their behavior.

Dissatisfied Customers

They are those who have had a bad experience in our company or with any of our products and services. They usually call to make a claim and are upset. With this client we must pay special attention, because if we do our job well, we will make the consumer feel satisfied, despite the situation. 

How To Treat Them

The first thing we must do is listen to them, to find out what the problem has been and if it has really happened due to poor management by the company. In that case we will try, as far as possible, to compensate the user for the inconvenience and we will try to solve the situation.

If, on the other hand, the company is not to blame for their discomfort, we must explain the situation to them very politely, always keeping to the forms and trying to reassure the client. 

Grateful Customers

These are the easiest to treat. In general, they call to express their agreement with our products or services and to request information about one in which they are interested.

How To Treat Them?

It’s very simple, customer service should be friendly and serve them professionally and efficiently, like any other user. 

Undecided Customers

When an undecided customer contacts us, it can be difficult for agents to handle the situation, since the call usually takes a long time and we can lose patience. 

How To Treat Them

The best way to deal with an indecisive user is to provide them with clear and concise information so that they can make an appropriate decision. We will be better able to assist you if we ask you to explain under what circumstances you will use our products. This way we will have the option of advising you on which of them is closest to your needs in a truthful way.

Busy Customer

He is the user who will make it clear to you from the beginning that he is not going to spend a lot of time on you. They are the ones who, when they receive commercial calls, know in advance that they will not attend to you, regardless of what you have to tell them.

How To Treat Them?

It is best to give them the information very briefly, emphasizing the details that we consider most important.

Talkative Customer

This type of user is a double-edged sword for call centers. They usually have a limited time for each call and are required to stick to them, to the extent possible. For this reason, this type of client can be complicated, since we cannot silence them, but neither can we dedicate more time to them than is essential. 

How To Treat Them?

The idea with this type of client is to try to keep them from talking more than necessary, but without making them feel as if we are telling them to shut up. To do this, we will use a calm and not very loud tone of voice and we will take advantage of the pauses to specify about the product or service in which they are interested and we will try to involve them in the conversation as little as possible, but always listening to their needs.

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