Top 6 Ecommerce Marketing Tips That Can Make Your Sales Soar

Top 6 Ecommerce Marketing Tips That Can Make Your Sales Soar

Every eCommerce store focuses on driving more traffic and in turn boosting its sales. But, although you’ve got a fully-fledged strategy in place, it could still be quite the challenge to determine which marketing strategy can work wonders.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of high-performing marketing strategies along with ways to implement each of them.

These tips not only help you acquire potential leads but generate repeat business from your current customer base too. Just implement each one of them every week for a couple of months. In the end, run a quick analysis and identify which strategies have helped you make your sales soar.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Upselling Products & Services

You might have come across various versions of the popular phrase “Do you want to supersize the order?’

Well, this is just one way of upselling your products. In simple words, it is a common approach taken by eCommerce owners to sell their premium products other than the one selected by their customers. This is mainly because, for several eCommerce businesses, upselling their products and services turn out to be beneficial when compared to acquiring new customers.

But at times, the customer may not be aware of the availability of your premium product or may require more information as to how it is in line with their requirements.

For instance, is a particular product made using a branded leather as compared to others? Or does it involve a certain handmade feature?

Ensure you are emphasizing the features of both the products, letting them know what’s the difference between the two, and why they should be upgrading to the premium version.

If you are thinking of using this approach to surge your sales volume, then you need to take the following into account:

  1. Ensure the upsell product is similar to the actual product.
  2. Try to be sensitive while anticipating the price your customers will be comfortable with.

Integrating Instagram

With more than 500 million users, Instagram has become the most popular social media platform especially among influencers, brands, and customers. This reason alone highlights the importance of using Instagram for your business.

If this is something new to you, then partnering with a professional marketing agency is the best option.

They can assist you with creating on-trend hashtags and make sure you are posting at the right time. With professional assistance, you can also target the right audience and build a huge following on the platform.

But simply gaining more followers isn’t enough; you need to constantly engage with them in order to turn them into your potential customers.

So how can you engage with people on Instagram?

Here are the top two approaches that you can leverage:

  • Try conducting online contests or simply show your followers the ‘BTS’ of your entire development process.

You could even take up the pay to play approach. That way, you get to add your products on your Instagram stories and posts, which further enables your followers to directly purchase from your website – key to raising your sales volume.

Boosting Your Email Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to eCommerce marketing, collecting a couple of email addresses won’t be enough. You have to ensure that you are regularly sending a bunch of valuable emails, as that is key to a successful marketing campaign.

There are various instances when you can send an email to your customers which they will really appreciate. Here are some of the occasions:

  • The moment a customer purchases from your site, send them a welcome email.
  • Send emails with free gifts and promo codes during festive seasons.
  • Regularly send newsletters to notify customers about product tips and new discounts. Also, send company news whenever it’s appropriate.
  • Send emails containing products similar to what the customer had purchased in the previous order.
  • Send personal notes as an appreciation for highly-valued and long-term customers.

Send immediate feedback if the customer visits the website, but leaves without making a purchase.

Establishing Your Facebook Store

Even though the entire platform of Facebook has endured an array of transitions, it is still one of the most viable social media platforms for eCommerce marketing.

Moreover, a Facebook store is quite simple to use and a great way to make online sales. Besides, you also have the option to integrate your store with Shopify provided you do not want two different inventories.

Nonetheless, when it comes to running an eCommerce store, it’s important for you to make sure you have all the necessary business continuity and cybersecurity solutions in place. That way, you can see to it that none of the customer data lands in the wrong hands.

Engaging With Customers through Live Chat

We spoke about engaging with customers through your Instagram account and email marketing. But hey, that isn’t the only way to interact with your customers.

Another exceptional way to communicate with visitors on the website is – live chat!

With the live chat feature, you can easily interact with customers either after they have spent quite a bit of time on the website or immediately after they have landed on the webpage.

This feature also lets you directly communicate with the visitors so that all their concerns and queries can be solved right away

Optimizing All the Product Pages

CRO (conversion rate optimization) is one way to optimize the site in order to increase the conversion rate and sales volume of your online business. Regularly practicing this approach can help you determine areas of concern on the website.

It helps you identify the following issues:

  • Which customers are abandoning your site and why
  • The reasons behind the decrease in sales

Various ways to grab the missed chances


When it comes to making your sales soar, implementing the above tips won’t be enough. You need to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research to get an unbiased and holistic understanding of how you can improve your website’s conversion rate.

After conducting the required research and figuring out the potential opportunities and challenges, you could create various tests and hypotheses to determine the approach that works the best and generates more sales

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