The Five Most Demanded Digital Professional Profiles In The Gaming Sector

The Five Most Demanded Digital Professional Profiles In The Gaming Sector

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The new professional profiles in the video game sector have grown exponentially in recent years. Although there are no clear precedents in training, the influence of the Internet and social networks such as Twitch or YouTube has made many young people look for new job alternatives in this type of profession unknown until now.

The case of e-Sports is a good example of this, since they represent a disruption in the model of entertainment and content consumption that breaks with what is established. Younger generations may not even interact with traditional models, and as these segments expand their weight in society, the market and companies, the new model will replace the old.

For this reason, the training sector also has a new challenge ahead : knowing how to adapt and creating new training programs that are adapted to the needs of the market and to the professionals who want to specialize in these new jobs of the future.

According to Nacho de Pinedo, Founder and CEO of ISDI: “Gamers and twitchers are the visible faces of this new phenomenon, and until now they have been trained natively based on trial and error and endless hours of training. But beyond the practice in the game there are many other aspects that are deeply related to training in Digital Business: the marketing of media and digital assets, the creation of content for social networks, the generation of traffic and digital audiences, the acquisition of and customer and subscriber management, data analytics, the use and automation of technological platforms and project management in agile environments.

In addition, any professional profile can be transformed for this industry: there is no barriers. You have to see it as an opportunities, have a good attitude towards change and take steps to train”.

But even so, what are those professional profiles in the e-Sports environment that the market demands so much?

  • Pro Gamer – Although it may seem obvious, the pro gamer is a key player in e-sports. Although it is a very difficult profile to encompass or define, since each game requires very specific skills, there are certain common basic characteristics: perseverance, ability to analyze and concentrate, ability to resist frustration, teamwork. Today in Today, being a professional player in e-sports is very competitive, so it is necessary for players to contribute a great capacity for effort to combine training hours with their studies on many occasions.
  • Analyst: the analyst in an e-sports club is in charge of analyzing the performance of the players, the strategy of their opponents and detecting new promises, among other functions. Beyond the total knowledge of the game in which they are specialized, they have to provide analysis and team management skills to be able to take the team and the players to the top. Currently, this position is often filled by former professional players.
  • Caster : the caster or commentator is vital in e-sports since it is the voice of the games and they are the ones who manage to convey the emotion of a match to the audience. In these years we have seen how great casters have brought all the intensity of a great League of Legends final to the public, even if they were not experts in the game. This ability to communicate, together with the necessary knowledge of the game and the scene, is what not only makes the audience vibrate but also makes them capable of reaching a new audience that discovers e-sports through them.
  • Content Creator: one of the profiles most in-demand in recent years by teams has more to do with entertainment than with competition: the content creators. Although many more times the broadcasts are gameplays since last year, it was possible to see how on Twitch category such as “Just Chatting” outperform the rest. Seeing this trend, many people might think that their job is just to turn on the broadcast and talk, but to be a good content creator, you have to have an analytical vision of trends great creativity to find new content that reaches the community almost daily and a multi-channel strategy to increase the fan base and audience.
  • Marketing specialist: a key part of the development of e-sports has been the support of brands, from the most traditional – hardware, software, telecommunications companies, etc. –to more general brands that have seen good growth in this sector—channel to connect with this generation. To achieve the best results in sponsorships, it is essential to have profiles that not only understand what the brand is looking for but also know how to apply it to such a specific sector in order to achieve the greatest impact on the audience they want to approach.
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