The Eight Most Inspiring Content Marketing Blogs 2020

The Eight Most Inspiring Content Marketing Blogs 2020

Do you do content marketing for your business, or do you want to start again? However, content marketing is subject to constant change that is difficult to understand. In order not to miss any current changes, recommendations for action, or trends, a look at some of the best content marketing blogs in 2020 can be useful.

For this reason, today, I would like to introduce eight recognized and successful content marketing blogs from the German and English-speaking countries.

Eight successful content marketing blogs 2020

German-language content marketing blogs 


HubSpot is a leading software provider for marketing automation and is considered the founder of the inbound marketing method. The company from the USA has a high level of expertise in digital marketing and passes this knowledge on in an online academy and various blogs. The HubSpot marketing blog regularly provides high-quality content and useful, practical tips on the topic of content marketing. Entrepreneurs who their content marketing independently want to optimize are in the HubSpot – Blog so at the right address.


Unbounce is a provider of landing pages and is, therefore, an expert in the field of lead optimization. The blog articles from Unbounce prioritize the part of content marketing, to lead acquisition is aligned. If you want to read more about how website visitors can be converted into leads through content marketing, you should take a closer look at the Unbounce Blog.


Shopify offers an innovative inbound marketing platform and a comprehensive collection of high-quality blog articles. As the topic of inbound marketing is at the forefront at Chimpify, articles on content creation and content strategy are published regularly. Although the blog articles are relatively long, the well-prepared and exciting content makes them easy to understand. The featured practical tips and recommendations are well thought out and with adequate data support.


A German-language online magazine that specializes in communication, marketing, and social media can be targeted. The subject area of content marketing is not left out. Because the clear and easily understandable blog articles give a good insight into the different aspects of content marketing for website operators.

English-Language Content Marketing Blogs

Content Marketing Institute

When selecting useful content marketing blogs, the English-language magazine of the Content Marketing Institute should not be missing. The Content Marketing Institute is the world’s leading organization in the field of education and training for content marketing. The company offers not only a vast selection of blog articles but also its own study results and training programs. If you follow the Content Marketing Institute, you get a good overview and deep insight into the world of content marketing.


Buffer’s founder, Leo Widrich, wrote more than 150 guest articles after the foundation to raise awareness of the startup. Today, Buffer is a successful provider of automation software for social media – but the company has retained an appreciation for blog articles. The Buffer Blog regularly publishes high-quality and current news on various marketing areas, including content marketing.

Search Engine Journal

The Search Engine Journal is a successful online magazine that has been offering articles on SEO and Internet marketing for more than 15 years. Although the magazine focuses on the SEO community, articles on content marketing are published regularly. The quality of the articles is supported by the selection of qualified online marketing experts from different industries. The search engine journal’s content marketing blog is, therefore, suitable for anyone who wants to view content marketing from the perspective of various experts.


The company Moz offers a software solution for SEO and inbound marketing. In addition to the affordable subscription, Moz provides free SEO courses and useful blog content. Despite the strong focus on search engine optimization, new practical tips for content creation are published. If you don’t want to miss any current news about SEO and content marketing, you should take a closer look at Moz’s blog.

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