The 12 job Skills That Companies Most Seek In Young People

The 12 job Skills That Companies Most Seek In Young People

You are about to apply for a job, you already have the knowledge and you think you have the aptitude. But, what professional characteristics do companies look to hire their workers?

It must be taken into account that about 26% of the vacancies that exist are not filled because young people cannot prove or demonstrate that they have sufficient skills for the position. Know what are the most requested job skills within a company; It will help you improve your work productivity, as well as achieve your professional goals.

We bring you this list where we explain what they are and how to make them effective in your workplace.


As in any workplace, there are always pending jobs. However, anticipating these events is what makes you a different professional. Turn ideas into actions, without waiting for an order. This attitude leads you to take control of activities, turning problems and weaknesses into business opportunities. You can make a difference, dare!

Creativity And Innovation

Do you feel that everything is becoming monotonous in your workplace? Then it is time to change the situation. Create and innovate with new methods to carry out your work, this will not only help your productivity but you can solve problems immediately. Without a doubt, this professional aptitude will make the company see you as a professional with great potential.

Active Listening And Effective Communication

The boss and your coworkers are meeting to discuss an important company issue; Remember that you should always take into account everything that your co-workers say so much. They can give you a different view of your own opinion, so you can ask the right questions and develop your professional skills.

Flexibility To Change

The change of office, a new colleague, and new challenges to take on are some of the factors that will make you leave your comfort zone. Knowing how to adapt to different situations will reveal your ability to change and always with motivation.

Currently, everything is constantly changing and we as professionals with potential cannot be left behind, we must develop our job skills. Get motivated and find that new opportunity to excel.

Continuous learning

If you have the opportunity to learn to use new tools and expand your knowledge, do not hesitate to take advantage of it. This is how you will put it into practice within your workplace.

Continuous learning will make you an important piece within the organization. So do not hesitate to be in constant training, everyone will be aware of your new knowledge.


“You always give more than what is expected of you” – Larry Page, co-founder of Google. We all have that strength, that energy that lifts us up every morning and makes us give our best. That same passion is a professional aptitude that will make you stand out among other collaborators. As long as you act with that force that pushes you every day, you will be able to exceed your own work expectations.

Positive Attitude

A positive work environment with good energy is undoubtedly the ideal. But how do we keep it that way, we must start by adopting a positive attitude? In this way, you will develop correct professional skills when making decisions.


You have an important meeting in the morning, so you know that you must be responsible and arrive on time; as well as having the discipline to comply with the established schedules for the delivery of pending work. Responsibility within a company demonstrates basic professional skills to be able to be competitive in the labour market. So you have to set that alarm and organize your schedule.


As in any company, they usually encounter certain difficulties, which makes employees alert and look for a culprit. However, this will not be your case, since finding a solution that is appropriate for the situation will be your most outstanding skill. In this way, you help with work harmony.

Work In Team

“The hardest thing for young people in a job is working as a team. Companies would like that when introducing a new employee, he or she can easily join the work dynamics, negotiate, propose, participate employability counsellor. The success of companies depends, to a large extent, on the rapport, communication and commitment that may exist among their collaborators. The more communicated you are with your peers, the greater the success.

The following companies promote the hiring of interns who have all these professional skills.

Ernst & Young
Grana y Montero SAA

You can find these companies within the Job Portal, waiting for your potential.

Now is the time to demonstrate all your work skills, put them into practice and dare to overcome your own limits.

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