Technology At School: How Can Parents Help Kids Create A Balance?

Technology At School: How Can Parents Help Kids Create A Balance?

There’s no way: technology is here to stay! And it has changed our lives completely: the way we relate, buy, meet new people and establish bonds of friendship. For this reason, technology influences children’s relationship with learning and the world. All of these changes can even make your stomach feel cold, but, like everything new, we just need to adapt!

Nowadays, between cell phones, tablets and computers, classrooms are scenarios of conflict. Inside the ring, writing on one side and typing on the other. Who will win and be in the hands of the students? You got it right if you imagined that the two should work together!! However, according to digital experts, “the digital world has not come to replace other learning tools, but to aggregate”. And as the saying goes, “the difference between the medicine and the poison is the dosage“. Therefore, the balance between the pencil and the keys is essential!

Keeping this scenario in view, experts also recommend parents to limit the use of technology in kids and help them maintain the needed balance. To limit they’re the access, experts recommend parents to make use of Android parental control apps like FamilyTime. The app helps parents a great deal and provide them with all the tool they may need to manage their kids’ digital consumption. With this app in hand, parents can see:

  1. The app usage of their kids, 
  2. Frequency of using one particular app,
  3. Browsing history of kids, 
  4. Contacts and call logs
  5. SMS history 
  6. Current and past location, etc.

family time kids app

Not only that with FamilyTime android app, but parents can also perform parental controls on their kids’ device too. For instance, they can:

  1. Schedule auto screen lock,
  2. Allocate daily screen time to kids
  3. Put a remote lock on their devices
  4. Block the apps temporarily or permanently
  5. Schedule internet usage
  6. Watchlist contacts
  7. Apply internet filters
  8. Receive SOS And other alerts etc.

Aren’t these all features great? With all these features, parents can easily manage their kids’ device usage and can conveniently help their kids’ create a balance between technology and real-life scenarios. If you want to see how does the app work and how can you help your kids write with a pencil instead of typing on the cell phone, give this app a free trial and use the app block feature now. You can get the trial version of this app from the app store on your phone. 

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