Storing Data Virtually: Types Of Storage Systems And Advantages

Storing Data Virtually: Types Of Storage Systems And Advantages

The vast amount of information that we currently handle both personally and in the work environment has led to the appearance of various virtual data storage systems that allow not only to store that valuable information but also to be able to handle it quickly and effectively and also from anywhere where we have a device connected to the Internet. 

The development in recent years of new physical and virtual storage systems has allowed companies to manage vast databases, which has given rise to new forms of work, communication, and even leisure.

But, do we really know what cloud storage is and how to get the best out of it for our business or even to a lesser extent, to keep our personal files?

Here we explain the advantages of cloud storage and tell you about the types of data storage that exist and which you can access both for free and for a fee.

Cloud storage basically consists, and explained very simply, in the use of resources provided by an external provider to be able to save files and have the ability to access them from anywhere at any time through the Internet.

The great capacity of these resources, the speed and the possibilities that providers offer us, allow us to work with vast amounts of data and share not only documents and all kinds of files, but also third-party computer applications, without the need for infrastructures. complicated own, as it happened before the appearance of this powerful tool.

Advantages Of Virtual Data Storage

The Internet data storage system brings a series of benefits to companies that were unthinkable before the appearance of this instrument. Some of the most important advantages are:

  • We do not need an initial infrastructure : it is one of the advantages of using the cloud, not only to store data, but also when managing a communications system with a virtual switchboard or to use the so-called Software as Service (SaaS), it is say, third-party applications over the Internet. The possibilities are almost endless. 

  • Accessibility : without a doubt one of the most interesting benefits of cloud storage is the possibility of accessing data from anywhere and at any time, as long as we have a device connected to the Internet, yes.
  • Scalability : another important factor of this tool is that we can use the amount of space that we need and this can vary from one moment to another without additional costs. We will only pay in each situation for what we use. 

  • Security : the provider not only offers access to our data, but also provides us with the necessary security so that they do not suffer malicious attacks.
  • Unlimited Capacity – Last but not least, with virtual storage we have access to unlimited space. We will be able to contract as much as we need and we will pay at any time for the amount that we contract. 

Types Of Internet Data Storage Systems

There are several types of data storage systems on the market. Some of them are free, others are paid, some are more suitable for personal use and others are more professional. In all of them you can create backup copies and access different services. In the following sections we analyze some of the most used.

Drive, Google Storage

When you register an account with Google, without the need for any action on your part, the company offers you 15 GB for free. In addition to this storage space, where you can easily upload any file, you have the option of accessing Google and Microsoft applications.

On the other hand, if you need more space, the technology giant offers you different plans that you can contract on a monthly or annual basis and with different storage capacities.

Dropbox, Another Classic For Sharing Files Online

Dropbox is another of the best known systems at a private level. It is very useful for sharing data, but in its free version you cannot upload files that weigh more than two GB at once.

It has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface and you can share files with just one person or with as many as you want, either by giving direct access to the folder where it is located or by creating a link that allows whoever owns it to download the file .

iCloud, For Apple Users

It is Apple’s storage system and in its free version it offers its users 5GB of space.

Like the rest of the systems that we have seen, it is very easy to use and with it you can store your files and share them with other people. In addition, you will be able to make backup copies of most of your Apple devices. 

Storage Systems For Companies

On the other hand, as we indicated before, there are cloud storage systems that are more professional and offer much more complete services. The most widely used today are IBM Cloud Storage, AWS Storage, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure Storage, among others.

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