Smart Watch Evaluation

Smart Watch Evaluation

Watches are no longer tools that can only look at time. Today’s watches include smart watches, as well as sports-oriented and healthy specific smart watches.

In the past few years, the whole field of smart watches has been searching for the direction. We have been exploring product routes that may be accepted by the market. Today’s entire node includes iPhone, Samsung and other brands. Each producer has a clear product positioning.


The core target users of HONOR smartwatches are young people. They like trendy and cool technology products. They are full of vitality. Compared with HONOR S1, this product places more emphasis on the sense of movement. The bezel is designed with obvious and dense scales. The red word “TACHYMETER” representing the movement is also incorporated.

On the screen, HONOR Watch uses a 1.2-inch round AMOLED touch screen. The resolution is 390 x 390. Thee effect display is clear and exquisite. Because it supports automatic screen brightness adjustment, the screen brightness can be adjusted. This is according to different light conditions. In this way, it will be convenient to use.

Whether it is a traditional mechanical watch or smart watch, the comfort is an important evaluation standard. Especially the HONOR Watch, which emphasizes sports. Whether it is comfortable enough to wear is a matter of great concern.

The material of this watch is made of stainless steel of the main body structure and plastic of the rear shell. According to official data, its fuselage circumference is 42.8 × 42.8 × 9.8 mm. Its weight is 32.5 g (excluding watchband).

In the watchband part, the lava black version of the watch matches with the lava black and red silicone watchband. The Moonlight Silver version matches with a gravel brown leather strap.


Taking lava black and red silica gel watchband as an example, to highlight the sense of movement, many strip textures are made on the front. At the same time, the back adopts a unified red colour matching.

The watch band is designed with many bayonets. The advantage of this is that it can meet the wearing needs of more user groups. On the other hand, it can play a good role in air permeability. The actual wearing comfort is satisfactory.

In the heart rate function, the watch adopts HUAWEI TruSeen heart rate technology.

According to the official introduction, it uses professional customized heart rate detection hardware. It has more accurate heart rate monitoring.

It can monitor the heart rate in real time in the exercise mode. When the continuous heart rate detection function is turned on, it can obtain 24-hour heart rate data. This is without entering the exercise mode. The results can be given quickly.

Supports HUAWEI TruSleep sleep detection technology. Can identify the user’s sleep/sleep time and sleep state (including light sleep, deep sleep, REM rapid eye movement and awakening. It provides users with sleep advice, sleep music, soothing and to improve sleep habits.

A small smart watch can pay attention to health anytime and anywhere. This is a good experience! Now it’s time for Watch for sale in UK. You can go and see if there is anything suitable for you.

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