Productivity Hacks For The Techie In You

Productivity Hacks For The Techie In You

Don’t you just love how diverse technology is? It has diversified so much that now you can even check lottery results on your phone. But from time to time, it can get a bit distracting. If you are someone who loves tech, you know the significance of productivity.

Since technology is changing so rapidly, you need to keep up with it. So, to make it easier for you to focus on what you need to, we have made a list of hacks.

Track Your Online Hours

Social media is great as it allows you to do anything. However, it is distracting and can take up a lot of your time. It can make you procrastinate or — as some people claim — make time move faster.

To cut off the time you waste on these apps, you need to examine how many hours you spend on these apps. Many apps have inbuilt trackers that let you know how many hours a day you spend on the app. You can also install third-party apps for that purpose.

Once you know how many hours you spend and how many you wish to, you can work on cutting off hours.

Switch To ‘Do Not Disturb’

Messages from your friends, spam calls, tweets from your favorite artists can distract you. The notification pings can cause frequent disruption and ultimately make you pick up your phone.

Therefore, before you start working on anything, put your phone on ‘DND.’ It will protect you from disturbance and help you improve your attention span. You should also try to avoid multitasking. It just prolongs your working hours.

Use Digital Assistants For Reminders

Most homes of today use digital assistants like Amazon Alexa. You can use your assistant to set reminders from time to time. When it’s time for you to work, your digital assistant will inform you. If you find it challenging to get up and work, you can set up multiple reminders.

You can also use these assistants to make your everyday to-do list or weekly goals. Since most of these appliances use voice commands, they are easy to use and take less time. There is a lot you can do with these appliances. So, make sure you make the best out of them.

Take Regular Breaks

Not taking regular breaks is a common mistake people make. Even a machine breaks down if you overwork it; the same goes for your brain. You cannot keep working your brain, expecting it to work smoothly. Thus, breaks are necessary.

You can use your phone’s stopwatch to set breaks in your work routine. Moreover, there are timeout apps that can help you. While you are taking a break, do not indulge in other tasks.

You should also time your breaks, so you don’t end up not working at all.

Keep A Habit Tracker

Building up habits takes patience. If you are trying out new skills or getting into a new routine, you should track your habits. Many apps allow you to make a list of habits you want to inculcate in your schedule. They further send you reminders and ask you to check off the things you do every day.

Habit trackers show you just how frequently you are doing something. They let you know if you are falling behind. You can also create a habit tracker manually in a journal, but virtual trackers are better as they send you reminders.

Don’t Forget Fitness

Many people forget that fitness and productivity go hand in hand as a healthy mind rests in a healthy body. Productivity comes out of a sound mind for which fitness is a necessity.

A constant working routine with no exercise can make you lethargic. Thus, raining down on your productivity. You should include some sort of physical movement, be it going on a walk or working out. You can also try yoga.

Do not sleep on fitness as it has so many benefits. You need to be healthy to work, and fitness ensures just that.

Do What Makes You Happy

Once every day, you should take out time for yourself and do what you like. Working all day is not good for you. Even if you are taking breaks, you need to do something that makes you happy.

You can play games or even lotteries. These online lotteries allow you to check lotteries results on your phone. You can invest your time in arts or poetry. It can be anything that pleases your mind.

Productivity requires a happy mind, and now you know how to get there.


Now you know how to increase your productivity or what you might be doing wrong. You cannot achieve everything in a day; improving productivity can take time. Remember to put in daily efforts and keep these things in mind. All the best!

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