Pinterest Adds New Shopping Tab To Facilitate In-App Sales

Pinterest Adds New Shopping Tab To Facilitate In-App Sales

The platform also developed an intelligent system to recommend products similar to those depicted in publications

Pinterest launched new features to encourage the sale of products in the interface application.

The tool has also been added to the user profile panel. In the new configuration, the page shows the “pins”, “buy” and “more ideas” sections, in that order. This way, offers are displayed directly on the panel, in addition, they must appear while the user explores new content in “more ideas”.

The platform also brings new technology to encourage purchases directly through pins. When selecting content, Pinterest offers the “buy similar” option. When triggered, the application analyzes the elements of the image and provides suggestions for similar products to users.

For example, if the pin represents a living room, in which a sofa, chair, and table are depicted. When clicking on “buy similar”, the application itself will detect the elements of the image. From there, buttons are displayed on each identified product. If the user clicks the button associated with the sofa, for example, the program will suggest offers for similar sofas.

If the ad arouses interest, the user can click on the content to be directed to the selling company’s e-commerce platform to complete the purchase.

According to the news site, the number of product pins on sale on Pinterest has grown 2.5 times since last year. In the same period, the application more than doubled user traffic to companies’ websites. The number of users engaged in commercial content increased by 44%. 

In addition to the new tabs, the publication also highlights that Pinterest has launched new style guides that may appear in searches related to specific terms, such as “living room”. The new feature should direct users to content from different eras and, as the name implies, styles.

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