5 Myths Of ERP Software That Companies Should Know

5 Myths Of ERP Software That Companies Should Know

It’s no secret to anyone that finding the right business management software for the business can be a bit of a hassle. This is basically because all companies are not equal and perhaps an ERP that suits one company is not as effective for another.  

In addition, there is a large amount of ERP software on the market, which makes it difficult to choose, however, as information is sought, a set of myths can be formed which only raise doubts about these programs and whether it is really Necessary or not the implementation of an ERP software for SMEs.

Many of these myths are not always true, so it is important to deny those that are not real at all and that are old concepts that thanks to new technologies have improved. The most common questions are explained below:

1. ERP Software Is Only For Large Companies: 

This myth is FALSE because there is currently a huge variety of ERP software to suit any independent company this size has.

No matter how small the company is, it can implement a business management system and also boost production, the main difference will be in the number of processes that the program integrates.

2. ERP Software Is More A Problem Than A Solution 

This myth also is FALSE since the program does is resolve bottlenecks present in the company, therefore, is able to optimize processes and any created time problems. 

Where there may be some setback is in the implementation phase, where there can probably be confusion when making certain changes in the processes or resistance by employees to the change, however, these cases are not common since this type of programs is generally simple to use and very user friendly

3. The ERP Higher Cost Is Synonymous With Greater Efficiency

This is also false. The cost of ERP software is closely linked to the number of functions it has, so it is useless to choose a program that has a large number of functions but of which the company only uses less than half.

Depending on the needs that the company must have, you can even choose business management programs that are free or, depending on the size, choose a pay-per-use ERP.

In addition, when choosing an ERP for SMEs, price is not the first factor to take into account, first of all, you must think about functionality and surely a simple and cheap ERP will be able to cover a large part of the processes.

4. ERP Software Is Complicated To Learn & To Use: 

Despite the fact that when ERP software is implemented in a company, it carries with it a set of actions that must be taken, such as training staff or having an adaptation period to employees, technological advances make these programs more and more intuitive and better adapted to the way of working of the company; consequently, it avoids the rejection of employees, especially those who have a very marked work routine.

5. Implementing Adapted ERP Software Is Costly

Currently, ERP for SMEs do not use the program as it comes by default since generalized software does not meet all company expectations, therefore, SMEs are in need of adapting accordingly to the necessities.

If you choose an ERP software provider for SMEs capable of offering modules that complement the program, these will not be expensive since they can be integrated without problems, unlike when it is necessary to hire trained external personnel to carry out much more complex integrations.

These myths that were presented are the most erroneous beliefs of SMEs when they require to implement business management software. The ERP software always is a plus, which will help develop processes in any company regardless of size or area in which it unfolds.

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