MP3 Vs MP4 | All The Common Differences Between MP3 And MP4

MP3 Vs MP4 | All The Common Differences Between MP3 And MP4

Do you think MP4 is a newer and updated version of MP3 files? Well no, there are a lot of differences between the two file formats, but most people don’t know about them. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore. We will show you a list of the differences between the two file formats and not just you, everyone should be aware of the key differences.

Differences Between MP3 And MP4 That You Should Know

Type Of Support

The first and main difference between MP3 and MP4 is in the type of files stored. MP3 can be used to store audio files, while MP4 is mainly used to store audio, video, and even images with subtitles.

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In digital language, it can be said that MP 3 is a format that only stores audio files, while MP4 is a kind of container that stores digital videos and multimedia files.


As we all know, the MP3 format cannot be used to store various types of files, which offers no flexibility, while the MP 4 format is quite flexible compared to the MP3 format. It can be used to store audio files, videos, and even images.

Furthermore, MP4 files are compatible with advanced audio encoding and Apple Lossless audio encoding, while MP3 format only supports audio files. Media players work better with MP4 files than MP3 files.


Both MP3 and MP4 use metadata to help all media players listen to your favorite online content. MP3 files use data like song name, album, genre, and lots of other information to help all media players.

On the other hand, MP4 files also contain metadata that is compatible with a large number of file types, including PNG, JPEG, HTML, PSD, etc.

MP3 Vs MP4: Which Is Better And The Right Choice?

I don’t think there is anything perfect in the world. Everything has its advantages, disadvantages and uses. So both MP3 and MP4 are two different terms and they also have different uses. If you want to store audio, you must use MP 3 and if you are looking to store video files, you must use MP4 format.

Hope this article helped you learn everything about MP3 vs MP4. If you liked it, share it with your friends who are still looking for the same thing.

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