IsoHunt | IsoHunt Proxy And Mirror Sites List [100% Working] & Best Alternatives Of Isohunt

IsoHunt | IsoHunt Proxy And Mirror Sites List [100% Working] & Best Alternatives Of Isohunt

About Isohunt Website

Isohunt is a tremendous online torrent file-sharing website on the Bit Torrent search engine. The name “Iso” was derived from the Iso image, representing a soft copy of a disk (CD or DVD). This website is regarded as the depository of the online torrent index, which provides magnet links to movies, videos, free games, software applications, and audio to its users.

The users can freely share, download, or contribute torrent files on the Isohunt website. The magnet links available on the website are the reference resources to another internet location where the actual files are stored.

The actual Isohunt website is represented itself as the most pioneering Bit Torrent search engine even though it was degraded in 2013 due to litigation from MPAA (Motion Pictures Association America) for violating the Act of copyright.

However, it has always been one of the most prominent websites for browsing content like sharing the files, latest movies, music, online games, software apps, etc. The numerous collection of films from all the different languages makes this website appreciated by most users worldwide. Apart from the latest movies, the users can also access Mp3 songs, television shows, web series, other reality shows, etc.

History Of Isohunt

Isohunt was established in January 2003 by Gary Fung, a Canadian Federal. It was aimed to let its users download torrent files and magnet links through Bit Torrent software. On February 23, 2006, the MPAA(Motion Pictures Association America) released a press release revealing they charged Isohunt for violating copyright rules. Later in 2009, on September 2, this website declared the inauguration of a spinoff site, The main goal of the was to provide a space for social groups depending on some niches to distribute certain content applicable to their needs.

In 2010, USA and Canada users were redirected to a restrained version called Isohunt Lite to eliminate some of the elements used to regulate the violation’s responsibility. Still, the complete outburst was reinstalled in 2012.

In October 2013, Isohunt declared its shutdown. After so many years of litigations over the violation of copyrights with the MPAA, Isohunt has negotiated to a conclusion with some terms and conditions, letting Isohunt shut down immediately along with the shutdown of its other sites Isohunt domain: Podtropolis, torrent box, and Later Gary Fung was admitted to paying the massive compensation of $110 Million.

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Clone Sites Of Isohunt

On October 30, 2013, after the shutdown of the actual website within two weeks, some people had claimed to be assigned to preserve the Isohunt website by initiating identical clones of the original website through Iso

Another site, has been announced as the unofficial clone of the actual website. Archive Team announced that they are not associated with any copies of Isohunt. Later the clones of the website they carried on were restored and made available on the Internet Archive.

On December 13, 2014, just four days after the charge done by Swedish police took offline, the team inaugurated a new website,, cloning the content of a new snap of The Pirate Bay. It is identified in Isohunt’s manner, presented in the Iso Hunt logo and ghostly blue theme.

The Open Bay

On December 19, 2014, issued a tool called The Open Bay at offer the actual source code and extra tools to let users establish their record of The Pirate Bay website.

Popularity & Importance Of Isohunt Website

Isohunt is the most prominent website and is the depository of millions of movies, videos, songs, games, software, apps and many more. Measures were often taken to shut the website entirely, but it became indestructible as it has got a lot of support from its users. It was restructured frequently and made itself more presentable and attractive to its users.

Isohunt Website continues to be a world-renowned torrent website to this day because of its unique features and user-friendly interface. The native design, highly sophisticated attributes, and cost-free accessibility have placed the Isohunt website among the world’s top torrent websites.

Before the launch of the Isohunt website, it would not be very pleasant and time-consuming to download a file from the internet. The Bit Torrent software through which the Isohunt website works has brought a revolutionary change in the web world. So, many techies and internet users have flocked to the Isohunt website.

The vast collection of multimedia files like movies in countless languages, games, apps, and songs is diligently classified under various sections such as audio, video, applications, porn, etc. This distinction helps you to navigate to reach your desired content quickly. Otherwise, you can directly type the content you want to download in the search bar, providing you with many magnet links containing the world searched for.

The quality of the video can be selected, varying from 360p to 1080p to HD quality, depending upon the need and interest of the user. The prominent feature of this website is it helps you to download the video even with a low internet speed. In case of power disturbance or disconnection, the download process resumes from the point it stopped. This was not the case before the invention of the Isohunt website.

Isohunt is treated as a godfather to many present-day torrent websites. You will be amazed to admit that there are numerous categories of files available on the Isohunt website. TV shows and animations are also highly uploaded on the website recently.

Proxy And Mirror Sites Of Isohunt

Isohunt is frequently raided by the authorities, leading to the prohibition of the original website in many countries. One of the best possible ways to access the content on the website is with the help of proxy or mirror sites.

Proxy sites or mirror sites are the same with similar content that of the domain website. They help you access the content without difficulty, even if the original Isohunt website is blocked. A proxy site hides your IP address from surveillance or gives you different geolocation where there is no restriction on the website.

If you cannot access the original website or get an error code when trying to open the website, it is confirmed that the ISP has blocked the Isohunt website in your region. But do not worry, as we have listed some essential proxy sites that help you access the content on the website effortlessly.


How To Unblock The Content On Isohunt Website?

Isohunt is a popular torrent website that hosts an innumerable collection of content in magnet links. The website is renovated from time to time, and it also undergoes a ban frequently. When the website was raided in the year 2013, the personal information of many users was hacked. Many reports were recorded. So, to get a permissive experience while using the website, check the below-mentioned advice.

  • Always use a reliable VPN service that encrypts your movement on the internet and safeguards your data. Activate the VPN before browsing the website, even in countries with no prohibition on the website.
  • Check the Top 100 lists which are safe to browse. They contain trending movies, famous games, helpful software, TV shows, apps, and many others.
  • Please do not make it a habit to visit the website to download torrents that are unsafe continuously.
  • Try to be anonymous when registering your account. Use a different name and browse the website in disguise.
  • Give your feedback on the files you downloaded in the form of comments and get benefitted from the opinions of others too.

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Is The Isohunt Website Safe And Secure To Access?

To be straightforward, Isohunt is just a peer-to-peer file-sharing platform. That means the files or links available on the website are directed to various pages from which the files are sourced. If the website is not banned in your country, you can freely browse it. However, if it is prohibited, then use mirror sites that depict the same homepage and content of the original website.

Generally, the mirror sites are safe to use, but few mirror sites may contain malware or viruses that are unsafe for your devices. Individuals upload the files on this website, so the website cannot monitor the quality of the content. It indicates that the users must visit the site at their own risk. Always be precautious when you open magnet links on Isohunt.

Is The Content On Isohunt pernicious?

The Isohunt website hosts millions of movies, games, TV shows, and software but does not store illegal software. The website runs through a software called the torrent client which attracts data from specific torrents.

Isohunt contains links that direct to another internet location on which the complete software is preserved, which may be illegal. So, it is considered illegal when you download any file from the website through a Bit Torrent download site. The Isohunt website never claims to support piracy.

Assets And Liabilities Of Isohunt


  • It is free to download or share your favorite torrent files on this website. The registration is optional and is entirely free. You can avail your content without spending any money.
  • The content on the Isohunt website can be easily located in a short time, depending on your internet speed. Just type the file name and press the search bar to find many files appearing relating to your search word. You can also search through the finely distinguished categories such as movies, games, tv shows, music, apps, etc.
  • Even though the Isohunt website is continuously banned in many areas, you can still access the content through the proxy or mirror sites that are always at hand. You can also use a VPN to browse the website anonymously.
  • You can stop and restart the download process from the point where it paused. This was not the case before the advent of torrent websites, as it would take hours, sometimes even days, to download files.


  • There is a risk of your data being exposed to other torrenting users.
  • There can be a few nasty users who plan to sneak the valuable data of the other users. It may not always be easy to differentiate between safe and unsafe torrent files.
  • Isohunt is designed to download heavy files rapidly, but the download speed gets drained using different download techniques.
  • Some torrent files cannot be downloaded or shared easily as other users decrypt them.
  • Unknowingly, you may download illegal content that damages your device as the quality of the content on the website is not regulated.

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Some Other Alternatives Of Isohunt

Isohunt has been a renowned and the most visited website with millions of users over the years as it is rich in content and easy to use. It is consistent and reliable in lending services in many fields such as multimedia, games, software apps etc. But still, it has undergone severe blows of ban and prohibition by the authorities repeatedly. Luckily, there are websites similar to the Isohunt website.

1337x Proxy

1337x proxy is one of the most prominent torrent websites and the best alternative to the Isohunt Website, with numerous users worldwide. It is mainly used for accessing the latest movies, Games, Software, Music, eBooks etc. Due to its popularity among the netizens, the site has undergone domain seizures and shutdowns by the government authorities. It has changed its domain name recently to reach the unreached. 1337x has search functionality, a fantastic feature for locating torrent files quickly.


RARBG is an online index for many magnet links of famous movies, songs, trending games, tv shows, and software. It is Peer to peer file-sharing site founded in 2010. Unlike many torrent sites, RARBG has a clean layout and a user-friendly interface. Another unique option is that RARBG provides details for the movies like IMDB rating, screenshots, video quality and file sizes, brief description, and many more.

Movies can be watched or downloaded in excellent video quality. The site is banned in countries like the USA, Arab countries, India, etc. With the help of a VPN or its proxy sites, users can access RARBG effortlessly. RARBG stands as a go for an alternative for the Isohunt website.


Lime torrents is another famous website with millions of fans all over the world. Users can download all the content, such as movies, games, apps, videos, and songs.

It has innumerable options and countless features. The website is adorned with a user-friendly interface. Fresh content is updated regularly on the website. It is the best alternative for the website.


YTS/YIFY is a torrent website launched in the year 2010. It is popularly known for providing HD-quality movies. It has worldwide recognition due to the availability of amazing content and specific features. This website is banned in countries like Australia and Ireland by Anti-Piracy teams.

The Pirates Bay

Pirates bay is one of the best alternatives to the Isohunt Website. It is regarded as one of the most prominent free streaming websites that lets users access the latest movies, games, software applications, etc. The innumerable collection of pictures from all the different languages makes this website appreciated by most users worldwide. Apart from the latest pictures, the users can also access Mp3 songs, television shows, web series, other reality shows, etc.


After the shutdown of the Torrentz website, Torrentz2 occupied its place with the same helpful content and a similar homepage. Torrent lovers around the world mainly admire the site for its free and premium stuff. Torrentz2 escaped the ban many times as it is a metasearch engine that does not store any torrent files but acts as an index or a pathway to the other torrent sites where the original illegal content is stored.

Many other torrent sites are potential alternatives for Isohunt websites, such as The Google, Torrent Galaxy, Torrent 9, Google, Fast Torrent, SumoTorrent, Kickass Torrents, Mininova, BitSnoop, Nyaa, SeedPeer, and Kinozal. Tv,, TorrentFunk, Demonoid Proxy, etc., are equally promising and effective.

Source Of Income For Isohunt

Isohunt is a popular torrent website and is well acquainted with anyone familiar with the internet. The vast collection of torrent files and magnet links can be obtained free of cost. Isohunt has become the primary and significant source for a broad spectrum of essential utilities and entertainment. The income of Iso Hunt is sourced through advertisements, donations, merchandise, cryptocurrency, and mining.

Let’s Conclude Isohunt

Isohunt has been the most sought-after website till today for its excellent digital content and new features. The site has been prohibited and shut down in many regions, but it exists through proxy and mirror sites. To get a satisfying and safe experience, always use trustworthy VPN services that help you visit websites of your choice and download desired content by hiding your IP address and giving you different geolocation.

VPN provides digital privacy and risk-free accessibility. Our article is aimed to provide awareness and knowledge about the Isohunt website, and we do not encourage or support any piracy. Piracy is a punishable offence under the Act of copyright 1957.


As an AI language model, I do not encourage or endorse accessing illegal or pirated content. IsoHunt is a website for providing illegal copies of movies, TV shows, and other copyrighted content, violating copyright laws in many countries.

However, if you still wish to access IsoHunt despite the risks involved, it is possible to do so through a proxy server. A proxy server acts as a mediator between your device and the website you are trying to access, allowing you to bypass any blocks or restrictions that may be in place.

You can find IsoHunt proxies through a simple online search. However, using proxies to access illegal content can still be risky, as it may violate your internet service provider’s terms of service, and there is a risk of malware and viruses on such sites.

Therefore, I recommend against accessing IsoHunt or other websites that distribute illegal content. Instead, I recommend legal streaming services to enjoy movies and TV shows without breaking the law.

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