Install The New LibreOffice 7.1 And Forget About Microsoft Office

Install The New LibreOffice 7.1 And Forget About Microsoft Office

Office, Microsoft’s suite, is the most used worldwide, both personally and in companies. However, to be able to use it legally, it is necessary to pay for a license, either complete or in a subscription. And in the long run, it ends up being expensive. However, it is not necessary to go through the box to have a quality office suite. There are many alternatives to the Microsoft Office suite on the web that help us depend less on Redmond. And one of the improvements, without a doubt, is LibreOffice.

LibreOffice is an office suite, developed and maintained by The Document Foundation, which was born as a result of a series of complaints about the original OpenOffice project, currently owned by Oracle (and almost discontinued). This suite offers us a word processor, a program to create spreadsheets and a software to design slides thanks to which we can forget about the Microsoft suite and gain both savings and freedom.

The Document Foundation is continually working to improve its office suite. The company is working to implement as many functions and features as possible in the suite, focusing above all on improving compatibility with Microsoft suite documents as much as possible. Little by little, it is becoming the best alternative to Office, which offers us everything we may need in our day-to-day work with it. And with the new version 7.1, LibreOffice takes another step to end dependency on Microsoft services.

What’s New In LibreOffice 7.1

The new version 7.1 of LibreOffice is not going to be as significant a change as 7.0. This version includes some new features, but it is mainly focused on correcting errors and improving many of the functions and tools that are part of the suite and all its programs.

In the case of Writer, the alternative to Word, we can find a new organization system called “outline folding mode” that will help us work better with extensive documents. The new “Style Inspector” will help us check the general style and readability of the entire document and each of its paragraphs. The tables and formulas that we can use in this word processor have also been improved and, of course, many errors have been corrected.

Calc, the alternative to Excel, has received a new feature for filling cells and great performance improvements, especially when working with very large spreadsheets. Impress and Draw, the alternatives to PowerPoint, include new features and a new physics-based animation system. Several bugs are also fixed, and the general operation of the program is improved.

Download And Update

This new version of the office suite is now available to all users. If we don’t have it installed yet, we can download it (for free, of course) from its main website. We will download an MSI (in the case of Windows) that, after installing it, we will be able to start using all the programs in this new suite.

If we already have a previous version of this suite installed, we can update to the new LibreOffice 7.1 through the included OTA updater. Of course, we will still have to wait a few days for the latest version to arrive through this method.

In case you want to use a more stable version, we remember that since the end of 2020 LibreOffice’s 6.4 branch is no longer supported, so it is not recommended to use it. The Document Foundation recommends cautious users and companies that need something more stable to download and use version 7.0, also available from the web.

LibreOffice 7.2 is already in development. However, it is still in a very early stage of its development and all the news it will bring is not known.

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