Improve Your Photos In A Few Seconds With Fenophoto

Improve Your Photos In A Few Seconds With Fenophoto

Improve your photos in a few seconds with Fenophoto

In these times and largely thanks to the mobile phones that most of us carry in our pocket every day, almost all of us are now photographers. Of course, in most cases, amateur photographers, so the applications that fix our photographs are essential. We have a wide range of proposals in this regard, although in these lines we will talk about Fenophoto.

As we mentioned, many multi-developer programs allow us to modify and fix the appearance of our photographs. These arrangements, for example, in many cases we make them send later or share those photographs. And it is certain that it has happened to many that when passing that image to the PC, it is seen with noise or even blurry. Therefore, instead of eliminating it at first, we can try to fix the “disaster.”

What Fenophoto Will Be Very Useful For Us

That’s where the program we are talking about now comes into play, Fenophoto. Specifically, we refer to a free utility that focuses on improving our photos in Windows. So, what we achieved is not having to repeat the specific captures we made at the time.

For all this, we offer a relatively simple and intuitive user interface. The image viewer covers the central part of it as such that serves as a work desk. On it, we find a series of controls in a toolbar. This does not allow basic tasks such as rotating the image or selecting only a part.

fenophoto toolbar

However, the most exciting part here is to the left of the main desk. In it, we find a series of adjustable parameters with which to improve the image as such. It is necessary to know that when passing the mouse over each one, we will see a description of the function. In addition, this application supports drag and drop on its interface, in addition to being able to upload photos from the Internet directly.

At the same time, it is worth knowing that from Fenophoto, we can edit all the photos in the same folder, which will save us time in loading. So we can apply to all of them a series of filters or modifications that we deem appropriate to solve the problems we have detected. We should also know that for a quick touch up, the effects that we can apply are found at the top of the left toolbar. We will see some like Nature, Denoise, Color, Light, Gamma, etc.

Supported Formats For Photo Editing

How could it be otherwise, this is a program that initially has support for most current photographic file formats. That translates into that we will not have problems when opening from here any photo that we want to improve. Among all these formats, these are some of the most important that we can work with:

  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • WEBP
  • 3FR
  • ARW
  • CRW
  • CHAP
  • DCR
  • ERF
  • MRW
  • OBM
  • PTX
  • RAW
  • RW2
  • PBM
  • TGA
  • PCX
  • RGB

fenophoto setting

How To Download The Editing Program, Free

First of all, we must take into consideration that despite all the advantages and functions that Fenophoto, it is a free application. That means we can download it and use it on our Windows PC without having to pay a single euro. Therefore, in that case, you need to retouch your own or others’ images, individually or collectively, we recommend using Fenophoto.

Of course, in order to carry out all this, we can do it from the website of its developers, specifically from this link.






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100 Mb



The Best

  • All its functions are visible in the interface
  • Batch work


  • It takes a little longer than other applications to open the photos

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