How Will The Internet Of Things Affect Businesses?

How Will The Internet Of Things Affect Businesses?

In recent times we have heard a lot about the Internet of Things, a concept that is also called IoT (Internet of Things). However, since we know that it is a somewhat abstract term, before explaining how it will affect companies, our main purpose today, In this article we will explain how the Internet of Things affect businesses

Brief Description About The Internet Of Things

According to Wikipedia, the Internet of Things refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects through the Internet. The concept, which was born at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1999, has brought about a “revolution in the relationships between objects and people, even between objects directly, which connect with each other and with the network, offering real-world data ”.

As the magazine explains, it is estimated that in 2020, between 22,000 and 50,000 million devices will connect to the Internet, providing us with a series of unprecedented services and applications

Some examples of the Internet of Things are refrigerators that tell the supermarket directly about what you need; devices that report the needs of plants; those that allow you to light household appliances without being at home; those who report vital signs when doing sports; lamps that light themselves when natural light is scarce…

Internet Of Things Change Companies

The lights in your home may not yet be turned off using a tablet or you may not yet have a smartwatch, but sooner or later you will be fully immersed in the Internet of Things. And is that even if you wanted to persist in not doing it, you must face this concept in the workplace. 

It is that, although it now seems a long way off, very soon this technology will completely change the world of companies. For example, as Forbes indicates in his article “ How will the Internet of Things affect companies? “Companies will begin to develop increasingly smarter products beyond mobile phones and electronic tablets. Digital devices are no longer just for communication or gaming.

Internet Of Things On Business Decisions

On the other hand, the magazine considers that business decisions will also be smarter since innovation through sensors in systems and devices can greatly change decisions. 

What do we mean by this? Well, sooner than we think, the products that we can have at home will be able to send information to companies, which they can take advantage of for their own benefit and that of the customer. 

For example, in the event of a device failure, the company can provide immediate assistance and know first-hand what the product fails and how it can improve it.

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