How To Use Thunder VPN For Windows?

How To Use Thunder VPN For Windows?

The Thunder VPN for Windows is a free basic VPN that you can utilize to secure your device. Nowadays, you should be concerned about your online browsing security as there are more and more threats. And, the VPN applications help you to hide or encrypt your data so that no one can check them.

The Thunder VPN is one of the most popular VPN currently. It got more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. That has become possible because of the ease of use and unlimited features. It is mostly used by individuals who require unblocking websites and bypassing firewalls.

The Thunder VPN is only obtainable as APK for Android operated smartphone devices. The developer “Signal Lab” didn’t bring any PC version of it till now. However, the Thunder VPN app can be used on Windows PC by implementing a simple technique. Keep reading to acknowledge how to use Thunder VPN for Windows.

Thunder VPN For Pc Features

The Thunder VPN is a leading VPN software for the android operating system with millions of users around the globe. It may not be the best VPN out there but it offers adequate features for your irregular activities that require a VPN for short-term. Check out the features of VPN from below:


The servers are considered the backbone of any VPN network. As a free VPN client, Thunder VPN afford to offer you eight VPN locations. Most of the server locations are around Europe, which is a drawback for Asian users. The server list includes Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Netherland, United Kingdom, United States.

As you see, there is no city-level server location of the Thunder VPN. The only exception for the U.S as there is U.S. West and U.S. East server. Newer server locations may be added to the VPN in the long run to serve a longer array of customers. The developers are also considering to add a server in the Asia region.

Logging Policy

The logging policy of a VPN client describes a lot about the quality of its service. It is important to select a VPN manufacturer that ensures a strict no Logging Policy. It means the developer will not record or store the user details, online activity, IP address, and such other crucial information.

The Thunder VPN follows a strict no-log policy to ensues the safety of your data. However, they can collect some types of data to offer you a better user experience. The data will be held for only one month for recording data. So, if you are not highly focused on privacy, then you can rely on the Thunder VPN.


The speed of the Thunder VPN may not be great but it is adequate to browse through a website. As the VPN has to accommodate a large number of users, you may sometimes encounter speed issues. In case of any speed issue, we recommend you to try a different server. The VPN may not be a suitable choice for gaming.


Encryption is a process by which a VPN client hides your browsing data and other information you share on the internet. As a pretty old VPN, the Thunder VPN uses the SSL (Standard Layer Security) encryption. It is an old encryption technology from 1995 and not so powerful.

Though an outdated encryption technology, the SSL still offers pretty decent performance. It has successfully passed the DNS leak and IP leaks tests. That means you can depend on the VPN program. There are no additional security features like the kill switch in the VPN app.

Ease of Use

The Thunder VPN is extremely straightforward to use and that’s one of the main reasons for its success. It features an intuitive but easy to use interface. Anyone with low or no prior experience of VPN can effortlessly utilize it. All you need to do is download it and click on the connect button to start using.

As the VPN doesn’t feature a kill switch which means the connection will not be automatically cut after a long-time.  There is also not a lot of customization options in the VPN. However, the lack of these features makes the VPN more simplistic and user-friendly for the user base.


The Thunder VPN is entirely free. That means you will not require any payment to use the VPN. Moreover, the free VPN offers you unlimited bandwidth, which you will not find in the other competitors. As a free VPN, it shows advertisements frequently. You can purchase the main version to get rid of these disturbing apps. 

How to Use Thunder VPN for Windows and Mac

You can use the Thunder VPN by fabricating an android virtual situation on your PC. A third-party Android emulator will be required for doing so. The emulator will create a virtual environment that will work and act as an android device. You can control how much computational power can virtual device use.

Fortunately, there are an array of third-party android emulators that you can employ to use the Thunder VPN app. Some of the well-recognized emulator Bluestack, Gameloop, Nox App Player, etc. You can set up and run the Thunder VPN on this VPN using the same procedure. Here is how to do it:

  1. Download the launcher of any of the mentioned android emulator. You can find it easily by searching on Google.
  2. Now begin with clicking on the file that you have just downloaded. A setup page will occur which will guide you through the next steps.
  3. Follow the specified instructions on the setup screen and complete the installation. Once the installation is accomplished, begin the emulator app.
  4. Now press on the google play store icon from there and log in using Gmail credentials. You can begin installing the apps from the Play Store after doing so.

Now find Thunder VPN by searching on Play Store. Install the correct VPN from the search result. That’s it; you are done!


If you are in need of a free and basic VPN for the short-term, then the Thunder VPN for PC will be an excellent pick for you. We hope you will be able to install it on Windows or Mac PC successfully following the guide.

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