How To Spy On Android Step-by-Step Guide With Screenshots

How To Spy On Android Step-by-Step Guide With Screenshots

Want to find out what your child, spouse or employee is up to? Looking for the perfect phone monitoring application? Wondering how to secretly hack an android phone? I found myself in a similar situation some time ago.

There are a few applications that allow you to do just this. I wanted to keep an eye on my son’s phone to ensure he was not involved in anything unethical. My research led me to a fantastic app.

I was able to spy on someone’s Android phone with this application. This app gave me accurate and spot-on information. It allowed me to conduct my secret operation from the comfort of my home.

Part 1: Can You Spy On Any Android Phone Remotely Without Being Discovered?

Well, of course, you can. You can spy on the android phone of someone halfway across the world. What’s the use of a spy app if your identity is revealed to the owner of the phone you are hacking?

A reliable spy app allows you to have a sneak-peek into an android phone without the owner finding out. When I came across this application, I was shocked to see its functionality.

1.1 Minspy: The Ultimate Spy App

Minspy has numerous positive reviews and a plethora of people singing its praises. You may come across a number of apps that make you many promises. However, I can assure you, nothing tops Minspy.

With Minspy, you can do almost everything on a target device. Minspy has received recognition from PCMag, New York Times, Forbes, and a number of world-renowned names. This guarantees that Minspy is a trustworthy application here to serve your every need.

To hack an Android device, you will have to install a third-party app. A number of apps claim their services can be used without installing a third-party app. This is absolutely false.

Minspy is known for its top of the line hacking services. Hacking into an android is not as difficult as you may think it is.

1.2 Why Should You Choose Minspy?

Here is why Minspy will be the top spying application for you.

 Cannot Be Detected

You can use Minspy without your cover being blown. You can hide the app once you install it on the target phone. Minspy will run in the background without the owner’s awareness.

With millions of people around the world using Minspy, it is people’s favourite phone monitoring app. It is due to a number of reasons that Minspy is like no other. One of these reasons is that Minspy values data security.

When hacking a loved one’s phone, you definitely don’t wish for anyone else to have access to their data. None of the data you hack using Minspy is saved onto the server of the application.

Works Without Root

Minspy is the only phone monitoring app that works without root and jailbreak. Rooting is time-consuming and not recommended by experts. Moreover, rooting can hamper the security of a device.

 You Don’t Need To Download The App

Minspy does not require you to download the app. You can use it through your web browser. It will send data secretly directly to your dashboard.

Allows Location Tracking

Minspy allows you to track the target’s location. It provides you with the accurate location and geographical coordinates of the target.

 Text Message Reader

Minspy lets you read the messages the target is sending and receiving. A cool feature of the app is that it can retrieve messages the target has deleted.

Check Web History

Want to find out the kind of sites someone is visiting? This phone monitoring app allows you to check the web history of the target. It also allows you to keep tabs on their browser activity in near-real-time.

 Social Media Monitoring

This amazing app allows you to keep tabs on the target’s social media handles. Social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. can be monitored. Minspy allows you to read messages, view media files, and much more.


Do you wish to find out someone’s account username and password? Minspy has got you covered. This unique feature allows you to be aware of every keystroke made by the target on their android phone.

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1.3 How To Set Up Minspy

The process to set up this android spy app could not get any easier. It is extremely user friendly and provides easy to follow instructions.

 Step 1: Go to the website and create a Minspy account. Creating this account is free and will only require you to create a username and a password.


Step 3: Follow the steps and download the app. Next, download the Minspy app on the target’s android phone and later hide it. Minspy will then send you monitoring data.


Step 4: You are now all set to spy on the target. The dashboard will give you a sneak-peek into the target’s life. You can now get the information you need, no matter how far away from the target you are.



With so many apps out there, it is not easy for a layman to determine which one is the best. I can tell you without a doubt that Minspy is one of the top android monitoring apps in the business.

If you are a concerned individual trying to keep your loved ones safe, Minspy is just what you need. Minspy doesn’t care who you wish to spy on or your reason for doing so. It is just here to assist you in acquiring timely and accurate information.

So, keep a check on your loved ones and make sure that they aren’t in danger. Find out the reality with Minspy’s cutting edge technology.

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