How To Solve Audible Problems

How To Solve Audible Problems

If Audible crashes while trying to listen to your eBooks, check out these quick fixes first.

Amazon’s Audible has prolonged being the king of audiobooks. Even those who choose the easy satisfaction of reading a physical book (or an eBook) often find audiobooks to be an excellent way to supplement reading; listening to your book allows you to multitask and enjoy the story while working out or travelling. To work, for example.

But if Audible fails, it can ruin your routine, plans, or even your day. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best Audible troubleshooting steps so you can get back to listening to your favorite audiobooks.

Audible Stays Down

Usually, when you’re listening to an audiobook, you’ll have downloaded the file beforehand, so WiFi or mobile data shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re having difficulties downloading books. If the app keeps smashing in your browser on your PC or laptop:

  1. Restart the browser you are using.
  2. Check for updates to your browser.
  3. Disable any plug-ins that might interfere with audio playback or streaming.
  4. If Audible keeps cracking on an Android or iOS device, read on for solutions to other issues.

Audible Is Down: iOS And Android.

You can do many things to fix the app crash on your mobile device, but the first you should always be to restart your device. You can usually hold the button on the side of your phone or tablet until a message on the screen asks if you want to shut down or restart. If Audible still continues to crash after restarting your phone or tablet, the next step should be to clear the app’s cache.

Clear Audible Cache On Android And iOS

Clearing an app’s cache clears any downloaded files that may interfere with its ability to function correctly. It also clears app data, including any custom settings, which can help fix any issues. To clear the Audible cache:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on your device.
  2. Tap Apps and scroll to find Audible.
  3. Select Storage and Clear cache.
  4. Sign up and check that Audible doesn’t crash.

Reinstall Audible

If Audible isn’t working after you’ve tried all of the above, mainly if it’s the only app smashing, it’s time to reinstall it.

  1. Open the Play Store or App Store and explore Audibly.
  2. Tap Audible and choose Uninstall.
  3. Confirm and wait for it to uninstall, and then press on Install to reinstall it.
  4. Sign up and verify that Audible no longer hangs.

Audible should no longer crash if you’ve tried all of the above.

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