How To Install WordPress

How To Install WordPress

WordPress is a management system that allows you to create a blog. It has several templates that you can use to make a space on the web in a personalized way. It is a space that can be used for multiple options. You can have a virtual store. It is a system designed especially for beginners, for those people who do not have much technical knowledge. So we are going to show you in an easy and simple way how you can install WordPress.

Install WordPress, What For?

As we have said before, WordPress is a basic tool for blogging. You can use it to make a space on the internet, totally and absolutely personalized. But not only that, you also have the option to do other things. The purpose of installing WordPress has multiple benefits . You can make business websites, online stores, digital newspapers, reservation center, among others.

We are going to show you each of the things you can do when installing WordPress. There are many functions that you can create with the WordPress installation.


It is the best known function and the one that is used in a common way when installing WordPress. You have a range of options that you can get. You can display articles in blog format, option to add comments to posts, you can organize articles by categories, tags, among others.

You can add on the web various categories and modules called widgets, which are very common in blogs ; You can have a list of blog categories , a list of tags, a search engine, a list of the most read articles, a list of last comments.

If you want to install WordPress, we assure you that it is the best tool for creating blogs. This is because it is very easy to use and you do not need to have advanced technical knowledge to use it. It is really easy to use.

Corporate Web

By installing WordPress, you can perfectly make a corporate website. This can be used to publicize or have information about everything concerning your company or business. For example, you can put who the company is, what it is for, what the services are, the types of clients and many other things.

WordPress has a wide variety of templates, which you can have for your corporate website page. These templates can be from the simplest to the complete ones that you may have. You have options to upload a lot or a little information about your business.

The good thing about installing WordPress is that you can create several sections on the web to organize the contents. You can add various functions such as contact forms, forums, directories, etc. Everything you want to add on a corporate website.

Online Store

Certainly, there are other means in order to create an online store. However, installing WordPress also works perfectly to create an online store . WordPress has plugins that help you incorporate an online store to the web.

Thanks to WordPress, you can have an online store with all the everyday features that we hope to find in an online store. Unlimited product creation, organization of all products by categories. There is also the possibility of adding products, adding the attributes of the products for sale, different payment systems, product shipping, among other functions.

How To Install WordPress?

  • First of all we must know where we are going to install WordPress. If you have a PC, you can install it if you have a hosting service . This is what will allow the web to be visible to others.

  • When you already have a place to install WordPress, you need to download WordPress. You must unzip it in the path where the web will be loaded.

  • Following this, you must create a MySQL database. Then you must create a database with your username and password.

  • After that, it is necessary to open the page where we must upload the WordPress files. An installation wizard will be displayed and you will have to follow the steps. There we will have to enter the connection data to the database, user and administrator data. Once you have completed the steps described above, you can safely use WordPress problems; and use it to develop all the applications we described above.

Installing WordPress helps you to develop many functions . You can make a virtual store from your home. It is a really simple program with functions that can help you develop within the web.

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