How To Get A Free Fax Number Online

How To Get A Free Fax Number Online

Fax has been considered as a secure way of transferring information. People who usually deal with confidential information don’t want to risk their secrecy. For transmitting such information, a reliable medium is a must so that unauthorized people can’t access their data.

With the introduction of a handheld smart device, people are discarding bulky hardware systems. Modern devices are more convenient and handy to use. Yet, some old-school people still rely on fax but the question is still there how to integrate fax to modern systems.  

This is the place where third-party services come into play. For developing a communication medium between analog and digital devices, a mediator is required for signal translation. This article will provide thorough details about how online fax services work.

Google Fax Services For Online Faxing

Are you tired of managing those heavy fax machines, looking for papers, and getting toners refilled? Well, we have your back. Online fax services will ease your difficulties as they are a modern solution to traditional faxing methodologies.

Google fax service is as safe as conventional fax used to be. You don’t need to learn programming skills to save your documents from scammers. Keep reading to find out where to get a fax number and how to send faxes online.

CocoFax, Exchange Faxes Online

When you want to get a free fax number, CocoFax is the most reliable fax service in the market. Talking about CocoFax, its feasibility and usability are best depicted by its intuitive interface. People are using CocoFax from more than 190 countries for transmitting secret information.


CocoFax is recognized as a trustworthy faxing solution by international media forums including Forbes, Toms Guide, CNET, New York Times, Life wire, just to name a few. Forget about investing in a fax machine and go for the handy fax services by CocoFax.

CocoFax has been serving business professionals for a long time with its security features. All you have to do is navigate to the official webpage of CocoFax to send and receive faxes on the go without being worried about setting hardware tools.


Get Free Fax Numbers From CocoFax

CocoFax is a fax machine software offering an expedient solution to get a fax number without paying a single dime. Either you are using a fax machine or Google fax services, a fax number is a prerequisite to send and receive faxes. You can obtain a fax number with a click on CocoFax Website.


You don’t have to contact the Phone Company and request a dedicated fax number. CocoFax offers free fax numbers for its users so that they can enjoy unlimited faxes online. Pick a vanity or toll-free number as per your fax requirements without any credit card verifications.

Send Online Faxes Using Free Fax Number By CocoFax

Sending faxes is not a chore anymore. You can enjoy the security of the fax and the handiness of modern devices at the same time. Send faxes anywhere, anytime from your smart devices without connecting them to a fax machine or modem.

There are multiple ways to send faxes online which are discussed in the next section:

Email-To-Fax Solution By CocoFax

Nowadays, Email is a commonly used communication medium for exchanging documents. CocoFax has merged fax with email clients for your ease. Now you can directly send faxes from your email account without setting up a fax machine to do so.

Email does not offer to send and receive faxes by default. CocoFax works as a mediator between email clients and fax machines for converting analogue signals into digital and vice versa. In this way, you don’t have to follow any manual procedure for translating data.

Web-Based Online Fax Using CocoFax

Web browsers have always been a versatile source of information all over the world. CocoFax has recently introduced its web-based solution. In this way, you don’t need to install any application on your smart devices as an internet browser will be employed for faxing.


Fax is not a built-in feature of web browsers as both of them follow the dissimilar working methodology. CocoFax will translate fax sent from your web-based CocoFax dashboard into a fax file thus making them readable at the receiver’s fax machine.

How To Use CocoFax?

CocoFax incorporates a user-friendly interface so that novices can use it without following any user manuals. Follow these steps to use online fax services by CocoFax

Step 1: Signup With CocoFax

If you are using CocoFax for the first time, you will have to sign up for your CocoFax account. Click on the Signup button and enter valid details for creating your account. The email addresses provided at registration time will be used afterwards for sending and receiving faxes.


CocoFax offers a 30 days trial period for new users. You can pick a subscription package at the end of the trial period. Get a free fax number by logging in to your CocoFax account and send free faxes online.

Step 2: Create Fax

Click on the new button at the corner of the CocoFax dashboard to compose a fax document. You can upload jpg, png, pdf, doc, Xls file as an attachment to your new fax. You can upload these files multiple times and send them to more than one recipient simultaneously.


For adding a cover letter to your fax document type in the body area of the new fax wizard. You can also attach notes and fax titles by entering relevant text in the Subject area. This information will be added to the fax as a single document without any manual effort.

For using an email client to send a fax, you will have to be careful in entering the recipient’s address. If the receiver’s fax number is 12345, suffix ‘’ at the end as to make it a valid address. CocoFax guides your document to the receiver end safely without being interrupted by online scammers.


Step 3: Send Fax

Hit the Send button after proofreading the details. CocoFax will convert your documents into a Tiff file so that the receiver fax machine could print it in a readable format. CocoFax will notify you of all the sent faxes by sending message alerts to your CocoFax dashboard.


You can check failed faxes for potential errors and resend them by correcting the issues. CocoFax faxes are followed by transmission logs for ensuring your data privacy.

Receive Fax Online Through CocoFax

CocoFax will forward all the received fax files as a pdf document to your email account or CocoFax dashboard. Login to your accounts and click on the inbox folder. All received faxes will pop up along with sender details and timestamps.


You don’t need to keep your devices turned on 24*7 not to miss any important document. CocoFax will forward all the received faxes to your account even if you don’t have an active internet connection.


CocoFax is a trustworthy and secure fax service provider that ensures your data security while they are being transmitted. It provides a free fax number with the unlimited frequency of faxes through a handheld device. Dispose your hardware fax apparatuses and switch to modern ways of faxing by CocoFax

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