How To Be More Productive In Your Daily Work

How To Be More Productive In Your Daily Work

Many of us struggle to carry out work tasks and figure out how to remain as productive as possible after an increase period of physical and social isolation.

It’s possible to discover new strategies to maximize your productivity with a bit of care, planning, and celebrating what’s going well.

Tricks To Increase Your Productivity While Telecommuting

1. Create a comfortable office space. After a more than a year of telecommuting, it’s time to take your home workspace seriously. Invest in some noise-canceling headphones, buy an ergonomic desk chair, and add some good lightings to your workspace. The more comfortable and cheerful your workspace is, the less your surroundings will distract you.

2. Switch tasks with intention. Not only are workers juggling multiple project and deadlines, but working from home adds an extra layer of multitasking, as responsibilities at home compete for attention. Practice task switching by quickly setting an intention for the next thirty minutes, such as “I’ll ignore emails and other interruptions until this presentation document is finished.” Being thoughtful about your approach before switching tasks can help you maximize what you can get done, whether finishing a project or stopping for a meal.

3. Write shorter emails. It’s tempting to get lost in long presentations or obsess overwriting, and that might be necessary for the occasional email. Still, for most emails you write, the shorter, the better, both for productivity and management of the recipient’s time. Especially for people you communicate with frequently, like your team members, check out how you can shorten your email correspondence. Bullet points are a strategy to simplify complex concepts and save much time.

4. Schedule time to organize your weekly schedule. When you’re overloaded with work, it’s easy to go ahead and work as frantically as possible. But it’s worth taking thirty minutes out of your week to plan how your next week will flow. Reserve time in your calendar without meetings or without opening your email. You’ll be better able to prioritize the most critical projects and set manageable goals that help your workplace thrive.

5. Use your best hours for the most challenging tasks. Some peoples are most productive first thing in the morning, while others really warm up and start their workflow later. Use your best hours to tackle the tasks on your list that are most challenging for you. And, using your most productive hours to take on those complex projects will ensure that you do your best work and use your other time for more straightforward tasks, like answering emails or paperwork.

6. Make a list of your achievements. Especially in these challenging times, our challenges and what we are not accomplishing rank high in our brains. To help reframe your thinking and remind yourself of how much you’re doing, take a few notes to make a list of your accomplishments at the end of each week. It will help you feel more fulfilled and energized over the next week to look back and see how far you’ve come.

When we’re all struggling to stay productive, it’s more important than ever to support yourself with productivity strategies proactively. Whether it’s upgrading your physical workspace, shifting tasks more mindfully, being shorter on written correspondence, carefully organizing your timetable, strategically using your best hours, or remembering your accomplishments, there are productivity strategies that can help you get on with your daily work.

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