How Do Call Centers Use Natural Language Processing?

How Do Call Centers Use Natural Language Processing?

Natural language processing is increasing efficiency and lowering costs in a wide range of sectors. The Call Center sector is always reinventing itself. The leaders of this industry are always innovating to find new ways to improve efficiency and increase quality levels while being competitive in the market.

One of the biggest changes in the Call Center industry is the increasing use of task automation systems.

These tools, powered by Natural Language Processing, are capable of responding to consumers, automatically classifying and redirecting customer interactions, or automatically extracting valuable information, all automatically.

In this article, we will focus on how call centers are using Natural language processing, how these tools optimize tasks and improve customer service.

Definition Of Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is one of the fields of Artificial Intelligence, which also includes Computer Science and Linguistics, and which aims to study the interactions between humans and computer systems.

Here are some of the examples that you may have come across yourself using Natural Language Processing powered systems:

  • The auto-complete function of Google search engines
  • Personal assistants like Alexa or Siri.
  • Grammar checkers like Microsoft Word.
  • Automatic translation tools, which allow texts to be translated from one language to another instantly.
  • Email filters that allow you to recognize spam in your inbox.

Natural Language Processing Applied To The Call Center Environment.

As previously mentioned, the Natural Language Processing systems integrated into the Call Centers are capable of automating processes.

When a consumer tries to communicate with a brand, either by calling by phone, using social networks, emails or through a web page or an app, the system with Natural Language Processing interprets the interaction to carry out two types of actions:

  • Refer the query to the agent best prepared for the task.
  • Give an automatic answer to solve the query.

If the system refers the action to an agent, the tool will have previously carried out an investigation to recognize the priority level of the task, at the same time that it will know which professional / department is the ideal to give a quick and efficient response.

On the contrary, if the system recognizes the question and is programmed to give an answer, it will be itself that can immediately provide the desired information to the client.

The chatbots with automated responses are able to provide care to the consumer uninterruptedly 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. Also managing to save companies up to 30%.

The Results Of Using Natural Language Processing In The Call Center

Using this technology to automate tasks improves customer service :

  • Greater consumer satisfaction. Wait times are reduced and resolution rates are dramatically improved.
  • Increased productivity. With these systems, interactions are forwarded to the most prepared departments/people to provide a better solution.
  • Cost reduction. More clients will be served in less time.

Natural Language Processing To Improve Internal Procedures

Natural Language processing can also be used to improve the internal tasks and procedures of the Call Center.

These systems are able to offer assistance to workers during working hours, helping them to be faster.

The agent can ask the system about the specific need of the user, and the tool will search for the best answer in the company’s knowledge base, reducing response time and standardizing responses.

Analyze Data In Call Center Interactions

Large amounts of phone calls or text message data can be processed and organized with Natural Language Processing to create more personalized experiences.

The data received from user interactions can be of great value to extract the intentions and emotions of customers when they contact a brand.

With Natural Language Processing you can use this wealth of information to predict trends or avoid cases of dissatisfaction in a certain group of customers. This would significantly help reduce the rate of complaints that Call Centers receive.

These analytical capabilities help both the brand and the consumer, which is why these systems are currently very popular in the market.


Natural Language Processing is a great ally for Call Centers that seek to lead a market marked by competitiveness and consumer experience.

As you verified in this article, the Natural Language Processing is capable of performing processes beyond routine tasks. He is also trained to offer data analysis and communicate with clients in a language that is comfortable for them.

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