Gmail And Google Drive Suffer Service Interruptions

Gmail And Google Drive Suffer Service Interruptions

The problems were first detected in Gmail at 7:29 a.m., and service outages have dragged on for at least three hours, Google acknowledges.

Google’s suite of applications has experienced service interruptions
around the world during the morning of this Thursday, and Gmail has not allowed attaching files in emails, while the problems have also extended to Drive, Docs, Meet, Chat and the Google Administration Console.

The problems were first detected in Gmail at 07:29 am                            (Spanish peninsular time), and service interruptions have lasted for at least three hours, as recognized by Google on its application status page.

Google has acknowledged that Gmail has recorded “sending problems” and that it has prevented users from attaching files to emails, although text-only emails have been sent.

Another of the affected applications has been the Google Drive cloud storage application , in which users have had difficulties creating files, as has its shared text document service Docs.

Likewise, the video call service Google Meet has also been affected by the problems and has experienced “recording problems” , Google Chat has had “problems publishing messages” and the Google Administration Console has presented “incidents when uploading CSV (Codes Verification Insurance) “.

Google has assured that it is investigating these problems since 07:29 in the morning.

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