“Firefox Focus” Now Allows You To Open Multiple Tabs

“Firefox Focus” Now Allows You To Open Multiple Tabs

If you are an Android user you will know the importance of having a good application to surf the Internet. In this sense, Firefox Focus has become, in a very short time, one of the best web browsers for Android.

And now a recent update already allows users to open multiple tabs, thereby improving their browsing experience.

What’s New In Firefox Focus

It is worth mentioning that this Mozilla mobile browser, which by the way has automatic ad blocking, was already a good web browser, however, it lacked this multi-tab feature. Previously users could only navigate by viewing a single window, which of course at this point was even somewhat obsolete.

The good news is that the latest update to Firefox Focus has solved this problem, so now the application already includes support for multitasking with the possibility of having multiple web pages open in multiple tabs.

Although it is true that Firefox Focus became an excellent tool for surfing the Internet anonymously and protecting privacy while browsing from a mobile phone, one of the features that users most requested was the possibility of opening various tabs.

The developers of the app finally heard these suggestions and have decided to add multitasking support for the latest version which is now available as a free download through the Play Store.

In this way and from the moment you install the new version, every time you are browsing the Internet and want to open a link in another window, all you have to do is click on that link and keep pressing until three options appear: Share links, Copy the link address and Open in new tab.

Once this is done, you will see in the lower right part of the screen a new one that will basically be indicating the number of tabs you have open in the browser.

Consequently, when you want to access other tabs, you only have to click on this number. Then, when you have finished browsing the Internet, you can click on the button that allows you to delete your browsing history.

Features In Firefox Focus 

As mentioned earlier, this is a web browser that prioritizes browsing speed and privacy protection when you browse the internet.

It has the ability to automatically block a large number of online trackers, from the moment the user starts his session on the Internet, until the moment it ends.

The browser can also delete the browsing history, in addition to cookies and of course prevent advertising from preventing you from having the best experience when browsing the Internet.

Consequently, by not having the crawlers or the advertisements on top of them, web pages require less data, so the result is that they end uploading much faster.

Firefox Focus version 1.3 is currently only compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android 5.0 or higher.

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