Facial Recognition: How To Optimize Human Resources

Facial Recognition: How To Optimize Human Resources

What if we told you that you don’t have to do anything to register your entrance to the office? Don’t you have to remember your company credential, or secret codes or fill out Excel sheets? Welcome to the era of facial recognition!

We could say that there are two types of companies or rather, two main types of attitudes towards the news. There are those organizations that reject the novelty and those that instead accept it, exalt it and integrate it into their processes.

When we talk about innovation in the field of human resources, we refer to tools and work models that save time, money and, in the end, improve the working life of everyone within the company. Facial recognition makes stamping, a necessary process in all companies, easier and more comfortable than ever and in this article we explain

What Is Facial Recognition

For many, facial recognition is nothing new. We are used to using this technique, so much so that many of us unlock our mobile phones thanks to the facial recognition that the device allows.

We can certainly identify facial recognition as one of the protagonists and significant turning points in technology that characterize our time. In short, facial recognition is nothing more than a biometric technique that uniquely identifies a person’s face. In this it differs from simple face detection.

Face Recognition Vs Face Detection

Although these two terms are often used interchangeably synonymously, it is important to understand that there is a significant distinction. Especially if a company is thinking of implementing one of these solutions in its systems.

Face detection can be translated simply as detecting a subject’s face. For example, during the period of the pandemic it has happened to us that we have had to stop at the entrance of the supermarket, a pharmacy or an office so that the door system detects the temperature and allows access.

These types of tools do nothing more than detect a human face. Facial recognition, on the other hand, allows you to go further, associating a face with an identity. In this case, we will have an analysis of the system that will search the database for the information associated with that face. Precisely for this reason, the application of facial recognition can be very useful for employees and companies to carry out different processes quickly and easily.

Facial Recognition: How Does It Work?

The facial recognition technique is a biometric tool like the fingerprint, which is more commonly used to unlock devices, thanks to the algorithm that allows it to identify a person’s facial features.

What happens when a face appears in front of facial recognition software is the mapping of that face . Those points of the face considered most important for recognition will be mapped, such as the eyes, the position of the nose, etc.

Once these points have been identified, the system will perform a comparison job with other faces until it identifies the person who is actually in front of it. Thanks to this technological development, today we can revolutionize one of the many daily tasks of workers, namely the stamping of the working day.

Facial Recognition Software Applied To The Attendance Record

When it comes to recording attendance, each company has its own method. There are those that allow you to seal only through credentials, complete Excel sheets, thanks to applications, desktop software or cloud software.

Presence detection has undergone an important evolution and precisely because it is an operation that must be carried out by everyone within the organization, companies are always looking for methods to make stamping as simple and accurate as possible.

HR software such as Factorial has been developed , which always looks ahead and seeks the best solutions to help HR managers in their daily work, to offer an additional option of attendance detection.

In fact, it will be possible to register the entry and exit of working hours simply with facial recognition. This way it will be even faster to mark your working hours.

Most Innovative Methods To Detect Attendance Today

As mentioned above, there are a number of ways to track employee attendance, but two in particular are catching up and becoming popular within companies. There are companies that are always looking for innovation and probably already know it, and in fact they have long introduced these methods, to others it may sound like something never heard before.

Attendance Tracking App

The application time and attendance allow you to seal your card, as they say, directly from the personal device of the employee.

This evolution is due to the fact that now we are all equipped with smartphones and an Internet connection, exactly what is needed to seal the presence in a second through the application. Each app offers different functions according to the needs and we have those that are exclusive for the detection of attendance, and other more complete ones, which also allow other functionalities such as the management of vacations and absences directly from a mobile phone, for example.

The main convenience of an attendance tracking app is its simplicity. There is no need for any manual input, with one click the sealing information will be updated automatically.

With the implementation of facial recognition software, the click step is also eliminated. Simply place your face in front of the device and the workday will be properly sealed. It couldn’t be easier, right?

Time And Attendance QR Code

QR codes are almost everywhere today and are used for different purposes. Either to take users to web pages, virtual stores or discover playlists. When we talk about QR codes in the time and attendance area, we mean a unique barcode that is used to signal one’s presence at work.

Also in this case, comfort and efficiency are guaranteed as you only need one phone. Simply show the QR code where specifically requested when entering and leaving work.

The two most innovative systems among the work attendance sealing methods have been developed and integrated into the Factorial software and therefore allow you to detect the presence of employees in an instant, keeping the sealing records always up-to-date and accurate.

Advantages Of Applying Facial Recognition

Thanks to the use of facial recognition it is possible to improve various aspects in the lives of employees, but not only, also of the human resources department.

First of all, the advantage of the employees will be to be able to register the entry or exit of the work without having to do anything, simply by turning the device towards their face.

On the human resources side, this will allow you to have precise and updated schedules automatically from day to day, without having to intervene with manual compilations.

In some companies, facial recognition can be especially useful for managing the flow of people in and out of offices or warehouses. On other occasions, facial recognition can be useful to guarantee security, giving access to spaces and places only to authorized persons.

The application of facial recognition is undoubtedly an important step forward that will become increasingly popular in the coming years, given its usefulness and ease of use.

The Importance Of Digitizing Business Processes

Although we hear about innovation all the time and the use of the word digitization has exploded in the last 12 months, there are still many companies that manage their care processes through obsolete methods that no longer respond to the needs of our workforce .

We have already discussed outdated attendance recording methods in the past, and it is crucial to understand why some methodologies are no longer suitable today.

Everything changes and everything is transformed and also the working methods. The smart work and telecommuting have become entrenched and are, in fact, working methods are here to stay and, in some cases, replace office work.

Today, digital is the most important resource that companies have at their disposal. The digitization of business processes has become crucial to ensure the proper performance of normal work activities, including attendance screening that today in many contexts must necessarily take place online.

Factorial Attendance Tracking Software

Factorial is the cloud solution to manage, among other things, employee attendance records in a simple and precise way. Saying goodbye to time-wasting Excel badges and sheets.

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