Electronic Commerce: Regulation And Recommendations

Electronic Commerce: Regulation And Recommendations

During the months of confinement, online sales have increased considerably. E-commerce is becoming the most common way to buy and sell products and services. But, we must be careful, not all the actions we carry out over the Internet are safe.

What Is Electronic Commerce?

Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, consists of buying and selling products or services through the Internet: social networks, web pages, etc. It is regulated by Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, approved in Spain in 2002, commonly referred to as LSSI.

The purpose of this legislation is:

  • Regulate the provision of information society services.
  • Protect the interests of the recipients of the services.
  • Define the obligations and responsibilities of service providers.
  • Regulate the validity and effectiveness of contracts concluded electronically.

Recommendations For Safe Shopping

Attention To URLs: Hover over the link before clicking to find out where it will redirect you and if that web page is trustworthy.

Check That The Addresses Are Well Written. Many of them can be phishing, that is, addresses almost the same as the original that is impersonating the identity. 

Look For HTTPS: It is a basic protocol for transmitting information from computer to computer i.e, Hypertext transfer protocol. The “s” stands for “secure”, now how can we know if a website uses HTTPS? If a padlock appears in the left corner of the top bar, the website is secure, and therefore your purchase will be protected.

Look at the Privacy PolicyLegal Notice and/or Purchase / Sale Conditions.

Virtual POS is the online version of the Point of Sale Terminal (dataphone). It is one of the payment systems that provide the most confidence to consumers because they enter their bank details in a secure environment. This payment method guarantees the encryption of the information, for example, using SSL security certificates.

Opinions , when buying on an unknown page, a good option is to look for opinions about the purchase on the page, the products, the service, the customer service … We must look for information that we trust to finalize the purchase process .

Do not use public WIFI networks to make purchases and / or enter account passwords in different profiles or web pages, since we do not know what happens with these data and who can access them.

Both consumers and sellers should take these criteria and many more into account when buying and selling products over the Internet.

If you have a website or sell over the Internet, you must take into account all the aspects listed in the LSSICE. For this, you can train in it and adapt your online business or website to this regulation or consult with a specialist in web adaptation to the LSSI.

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