Digital Marketing Trends For This Year 2021

Digital Marketing Trends For This Year 2021

To drive a digital strategy, you must follow these trends and forecasts of digital marketing. Here are the main trends for this new year 2021. Technology has transformed the world into a great digital channel in terms of communication. Sharing information is more accessible than ever, making it much easier to publicize the products or promote the services of a company.

he Internet is such a powerful tool that it can be used to generate a return on investment in digital marketing. ProfessionalNet digital marketing agency has predictions for this new year, “the rate of use of digital marketing is expected to increase to 35% by this year 2021”. Therefore, to distinguish a company from its competitors, one must be up-to-date on new marketing trends in 2021.

It is important to dedicate the necessary time to critically reflect on the new strategies to adopt in the face of the impact of technological change in the company that all are suffering. Below, existing proven techniques are offered in addition to attempting to predict future technological developments for this 2021 .

Each company must have a reason to have a professional website adapted to the new communication technologies, the latest advances and the new consumption habits contributed by young users who enter the labor market, taking into account all this, every business tends to grow and more easily reach new potential customers proactively rather than lagging behind.

Chatbots Continue To Trend In This Industrial Revolution

Many companies will continue to use a chatbot for this new year 2021, an effective chat agent that interacts with visitors and customers of the website. Chatbots communicate naturally with users and can answer questions in real time.

Hiring a person to supervise and communicate to the users of the website can be a bit costly, whereas chatbots reduce expenses by answering the questions that the user makes on behalf of the company.

Increased Use Of Artificial Intelligence Artificial

intelligence combines several functions, such as chatbots and voice assistance, to find answers quickly.

Alexa and Siri , for example, are voice-controlled virtual assistants that offer excellent customer service. Like a human being, they can receive requests from users and work on behalf of the company.

To do this, Artificial Intelligence uses sensors and human data to collect information about a situation permanently fed by its algorithm . You can also collect or store research data to improve future user experiences and return complex answers to complex questions.

Hyper Targeted Advertising

According to statistics in digital marketing, 49% of users are unaware of unrelated ads or brands that keep launching irrelevant ads. On the other hand, if the company creates a web page with good content and sends personalized messages to the user on their previously targeted social networks, 36% will respond by buying the product or hiring its services.

Many companies are aware this web design trend is being planned accordingly. And it is currently expected that, by this year 2021, most companies will target specific audiences where users will only see ads that are highly relevant to their tastes, searches or needs previously defined in their search habits in search engines or referred to in their texts published on social networks.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

The augmented reality (refers to a virtual interface, 2D or 3D, which enriches reality by overlaying additional information) and virtual reality (is a technology that allows a person to dive into an artificial world created digitally) both have exploded in popularity in recent years and are becoming one of the top trends in digital marketing and website design .

Although virtual reality has long been used and is the more popular of the two , it was predicted that augmented reality was overtaken by virtual reality in 2020 and that in this year 2021 virtual reality will not be able to achieve it.

Bidding On Google Ads

Automation is nothing new in the world of digital marketing, but with recent updates to Google Ads (Google’s service that offers ad advertising), automation and bidding are expected to become the standard for many Google Ads account managers, helping them maximize their conversions in ad campaigns run on Google Featured Ads.

Using Instant Messaging

applications Instant messaging applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., are no longer useful just for sending messages.

These applications are becoming a popular way for companies to communicate directly with their customers. In fact, on Facebook Messenger, more than 8,000 million messages have been exchanged between users and companies each month during 2020.

The Use Of Videos And Streaming

Videos were a necessity for digital marketing in 2020 and will continue to be for this 2021. In addition to adding video to social networks and the website, live videos from twitch, Facebook Live and Instagram Live is 8 times more than videos that are not broadcast live.

Influencer And Micro-Influencers

marketing Influencer marketing has existed for several years and the statistics predict that it will not disappear anytime soon…

Influencers used to be big celebrities with tens of thousands of fans, but now companies are turning to so-called micro influencers (influencers who are not very famous and do not yet fit into the category of celebrities, they tend to be more specialized in the sector of marketing and advertising and can have between 5,000 and 100,000 subscribers). Working with these people allows you to reach the public hand in hand with the voice they trust.

The Progression Of Content Marketing

Is content marketing still king for the year 2021?

Content marketing not only shows knowledge and experience for users who read articles and content, but it is also what places the famous search engine Google in its first search places. In short, content feeds SEO and therefore guarantees a significant flow of interested users to each web project that content marketing develops.

The Next Generation Of SEO

Currently, many changes are taking place in Google’s algorithms and the updates are more frequent and constant. These changes in the search algorithms are deeply affecting the search results to the users.

Each new algorithm has different advantages and disadvantages, depending on how it is used.

Ultimately, the goal of Google search engines is to help users get specific results that answer their questions in a more personalized way.

Therefore, in 2021 and onwards, the quality of Google search results will improve significantly and this will require updating the strategies followed to date: quality of content and naturalness.

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